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Chances are that you enjoyed our bedding at a resort, a hotel, a cruise line or even a romantic Bed & Breakfast. DOWNLITE offers the same hotel pillows and hotel comforters used at these fine properties for your home. In most cases we also provide you options for an upgraded item that features bigger sizes than a property would use.

Because we have our items in thousands of properties around the world - please use the search box below to help find the hotel you were at. If your property is not listed - simply contact us and we will research it for you. Many large hotel chains do not like their name being on the list - so PLEASE call us.

If you are lucky enough to have taken a photo of the 'under penalty of law label' - you may see a style number. Please note most hotel part numbers do not translate on the site - so if you search you may get an item that does not match. Please call or send us an email with a photo of the label so we can expertly help you.



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