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Many of our customers enjoy our items from a recent hotel stay and want to buy more hotel bedding for their home. These soft density pillows are suggested for stomach sleepers so your breathing is less obstructed, and your neck is better aligned. For hospitality we also recommend purchasing a firm pillow so your guests can decide which product fits them best. 

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Extra Soft Down Pillow - Look At How Soft & Flat It Can Be.
Extra Soft

Downlite Low Profile 250 TC 525 FP White Down Pillow

$75.00 - $95.00
  Specifically designed to create a comfortable flat surface for sleepers who suffer from neck and back issues. With minimal fill, this extra soft down pillow has none of the loft associated with most down pillows. Filled with our...
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Extra Soft Down Pillow
Extra Soft

Downlite Low Profile 250 TC Damask EnviroLoft Pillow

$40.00 - $50.00
By popular demand we have created an Extra Soft Down Alternative Pillow (also called a 'face down' or 'stomach sleeper' pillow). The extra soft density is made for a small portion of sleepers who find most bed pillows to be too full. It is...
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10 Pack Of Value Pillows

Downlite Soft Density 230 TC Value 10 Pack Pillow Sale

Celebrate a great night's sleep and refresh multiple beds with this ten pack of pillows. These pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester and wrapped in crisp and breathable cambric cotton. They are great for side and back sleepers or can be used...