What makes up an allergy friendly comforter? We believe it is a combination of the fabric, filling and washability of the comforters. 

For starters all of our down and down alternative comforter feature a tightly woven 'down proof' fabric with a minimums 230 thread count. This tightly woven fabric blocks many allergens from entering the bedding.

The second aspect for being considered an 'allergy friendly comforter' involves a filling material that can withstand repeated hot water washing and drying cycles. Lucky for many sleepers down filling that is hypoallergenic and processed by DOWNLITE meet this criteria. For down alternative or synthetic comforters the special type of polyester must be hot wash friendly and dryer safe. Although you might think all polyesters would fall into that category some do not. The collection shown here is comforters we consider to be allergy friendly comforters.

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