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Welcome to Downlite bedding. Our family-owned business has been providing customers with luxury bedding for three generations. We made a name for ourselves by supplying the top hotels and resorts with the same bedding you fall in love with every time you stay. We consider ourselves the experts on hotel bedding- from sheets and duvets to pillows and comforters, we can help you create your ideal bed. Are you dreaming of a pillow from a particular hotel? Go to our Hotel Bedding Finder, type in the hotel you stayed at, and we will show you which pillow we supply them with. We also have helpful how-to’s and blogs on a variety of topics ranging from how to select the right pillow, choose the best bedding for seniors, find the right comforter, and even industry secrets like what hotels use to keep their bedding so white. We hope you enjoy your stay and your sleep.

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​Do I Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

For many pregnant women, as their bumps continue to grow, it can become difficult to get much-needed rest. Those who may have been stomach or back sleepers before their pregnancy have to adjust their sleeping positions, which is not always easy to do. Side sleeping, specifically left side sleeping, is recommended as the safest option, but that doesn’t necessarily equal the most comfortable op…

​How to Care for Your Pillows

Benjamin Franklin said, “Fatigue is the best pillow,” but we all know our quality pillows are a valuable asset and are essential to a good night’s sleep. Bear in mind, however, that because you are spending an average of seven to eight hours a day using your pillows, they need regular care. Here are a few tips to help you care for your favorite sleeping accessory. Daily Pillow Care First of…