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Make '4/6 International Pillow Fight Day' Housemate Pillow Fight Day

For centuries pillow fights have existed throughout the world as a fun activity for those aged 3 to 99 years.At the Library of Congress in Washington DC, for example, you can watch a silent short movie from 1897 of four young girls in their nightgowns having fun while having a pillow fight. You may also recall the famous series of photos of the Beatles in the Georges V in Paris, celebrating their…

Celebrate National Puppy Day & Stay Protected

We can all agree that puppies are adorable. Who doesn’t love their soft fur, sweet eyes, and chubby tummies? In these turbulent times, we need puppies more than ever!But we can also agree that puppies can be messy (to say the least). In our beds they chew, make stains, and sometimes even kick us in our sleep! But we love those cute little creatures anyway, so here are some tips to make living…