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Welcome to Downlite bedding. Our family-owned business has been providing customers with luxury bedding for three generations. We made a name for ourselves by supplying the top hotels and resorts with the same bedding you fall in love with every time you stay. We consider ourselves the experts on hotel bedding- from sheets and duvets to pillows and comforters, we can help you create your ideal bed. Are you dreaming of a pillow from a particular hotel? Go to our Hotel Bedding Finder, type in the hotel you stayed at, and we will show you which pillow we supply them with. We also have helpful how-to’s and blogs on a variety of topics ranging from how to select the right pillow, choose the best bedding for seniors, find the right comforter, and even industry secrets like what hotels use to keep their bedding so white. We hope you enjoy your stay and your sleep.

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Guaranteeing Safe Bedding Products with Oeko-Tex®

As a consumer, you might wonder how you can trust companies are using materials that are safe for your health and for the planet. Downlite recognized this concern and chose to pursue certification from an independent company that ensures product safety. Oeko-Tex® evaluates our products for safety from yarn to the finished product, so you can trust that the products you purchase from us are sa…

​Upcycling & Breathing New Life Into Old Bedding!

What do you do when you’re tired of your old bedding? Some individuals might choose to throw them out or donate them, but we have another option to consider! Before you discard old bedding, you might think about upcycling!What does it mean to “upcycle”? Upcycling means that you take an item that you no longer want or use and transform it into something that is more useful to you. There ar…