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Chances are you enjoyed our hotel bedding at a resort, cruise line, or romantic bed & breakfast. Downlite offers the same hotel pillows and hotel comforters used at these fine properties for your home. We also provide you options for an upgraded version that features bigger sizes, higher thread count, or fill power than a property would use.

Because our items are in thousands of properties around the world - use our hotel bedding finder to help find the hotel where you stayed. If the property is not listed - contact us and we will research it for you. If you are at a hotel now, send us a picture of the law label - this will tell us exactly what they are using. Questions about the law label? Watch our video: ‘How To Read A Law Label For Bedding’.

You may want to consider different fill types for your pillows. Our sub-categories on the left can help you sort through our selection. Not sure which fill is best for you? Head over to our blog: Down vs Synthetic: What Makes a Superior Pillow?.

When it comes to pillow shopping, most have a preference on how firm or soft we want our pillows. At Downlite, we also offer our shoppers the option to filter between soft pillows & firm pillows. These options ensure that everyone in the family gets the right pillow for a great night’s sleep.

All pillows purchased from Downlite are 100% assembled in our USA plants by our incredible team; giving you the quality, durability, and comfort you deserve.

Don’t take the chance of ordering the wrong pillow. Contact us to have our friendly and knowledgeable team answer your questions help you find the right pillow for you.

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PrimaLoft Luxury Down Alternative Pillows

PrimaLoft® Luxury Down Alternative Hotel Pillow

Used by some of our finest hotels and resorts this silky feeling pillow is the best down alternative pillow you can buy. PrimaLoft® is a specially engineered luxury down alternative fiber that mimics the properties of down bedding offering you a...
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Firm MicroLoft Gel Polyester Pillow

Firm MicroLoft Gel Polyester Hotel Pillow

$35.00 - $40.00
This unique hotel pillow is in a class all its own due to its special 'squishy' polyester pillow filling. Used at select hotel properties, this comfortable pillow is firm density, great for side or back sleepers (Please note most of the hotel properties...
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10/90 White Goose Feather Pillow Forms

10/90 White Goose Blend Feather Pillow Forms

$16.00 - $70.00
Most pillow forms you find in a store or included in throw pillows tend to feature cheap and stiff polyester. This collection of upgraded pillow insert forms feature our hypoallergenic blend of 10% white goose down, 90% white goose feathers. These...
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Reading Wedge (Bonus Acid Reflux Help)

Reading Wedge (Bonus Acid Reflux Help)

$50.00 - $55.00
Read your favorite book, or browse on your tablet with comfort. This specialty pillow also folds down to offer a good angle for reducing acid reflux at night. Your reading wedge will also come with our SoftPlus fabric system: a two layer leak...
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Jennifer Adams® Willow Pattern Body Pillow

Jennifer Adams® Willow Pattern Body Pillow

Update your bedroom with this gorgeous body pillow featuring the exclusive Willow pattern from Jennifer Adams®. The pattern itself is a combination of white sand (light peach), pewter and flint grey colors. This pillow is perfect for those who...
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10 Pack Of Value Pillows

Downlite Soft Density 230 TC Value 10 Pack Pillow Sale

Celebrate a great night's sleep and refresh multiple beds with this ten pack of pillows. These pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester and wrapped in crisp and breathable cambric cotton. They are great for stomach and back sleepers or can be...