Thin & Flat Pillows

Thin pillows and flat pillows are sought-after because for many sleepers they create ideal neck alignment. They are characterized by low loft, or height, which is typically achieved by having less fill, meaning the material inside is less dense and less firm. This low profile creates an ideal neck and spine alignment for stomach and some back sleepers that can help relieve or prevent neck pain. 

Flat pillows can be made from either down or down alternatives. Down pillows are typically filled with goose or duck down. Down alternative pillows are made from specialized polyester fill. Most pillows are surrounded by soft cotton fabric that is meant to be covered by a pillow case of your choice.

Flat vs. soft pillows

While flat and thin refer to low loft and soft refers to low firmness, these terms often describe the same types of pillows. Most thin and flat pillows are soft or extra soft because they are less densely filled, and both qualities are ideal for stomach sleepers.

Choose the right pillow density for your sleep position

A pillow’s density and loft, or height, are determined by the type and amount of fill. While down, feather, and down alternative pillows each have distinct characteristics that affect the shape and feel of the pillow, they can all be made in a variety of densities. 

Because pillow loft and density affect the alignment of your body while you sleep, different types of pillows are recommended for each sleep position. For maximum comfort, we recommend thin and soft pillows for stomach sleepers, medium pillows for back sleepers, and firm pillows for side sleepers.

Choose the right pillow size for your bed

Pillow sizes refer to the length and width of the pillow, or the amount of space it will take up on your bed. They correspond with mattress sizes. For example, a queen size pillow is 30 inches wide and a queen size mattress is 60 inches wide, meaning that two pillows will fit perfectly. However, you can easily pair a single larger pillow with a smaller mattress size or smaller pillows with a larger mattress.

Our low loft pillows are available in all sizes: 

Pillow Sizes

Pillow Dimensions


20 x 26 inches

Jumbo (Standard/Queen)

20 x 28 inches


20 x 30 inches


20 x 36 inches

Thin pillows and soft pillows are generally recommended for stomach or face-down sleepers. We also offer medium pillows for back sleepers and firm pillows for side sleepers.

DOWNLITE hotel pillows are made from hypoallergenic responsibly-sourced down and premium down alternative fills.

Shop thin & flat pillows with confidence

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