Reward Program


Loyalty FAQ:

If I have reward points can I use with a store credit as well? 

Yes, if you have enough qualifying loyalty points you simply click redeem and go to your cart and click checkout - at which point you will see any applicable store credit show up as available funds in addition to the redeemed qualifying points.

If I have reward points can I use with coupon codes?

Yes, you can use your loyalty points along with coupons and even along with store credits.

Once I 'redeem' points where do I see them when checking out?

On the checkout window you will see the 'redeemed' points (plus any applicable coupons or store credits) summed up under the 'coupon applied' section. Of note, the shopping cart does not show the redeemed loyalty points information - it only shows the redeemed points value when going through checkout . Here is an example of the checkout page showing all three options (redeemed points, store credits and a coupon code):