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Down comforters keep you snuggly warm in cooler temperatures. If you’re looking for tips on how to select the right comforter for your sleeping patterns, check out our Down Comforter Guide. It will help direct you in finding the right bed linens for your age, body warmth and material preference. We recommend prioritizing down comforters with your budget because the light weight nature of down makes a big difference in your comfort. Most of our customers love the cloud like airy nature of down comforters where you get warmth without the weight.

All of our down and down alternative comforters are assembled in the USA and are rated hypoallergenic. Add a duvet cover to protect your comforter.

Many of our customers enjoy our items from a recent hotel stay and want to buy for their home. We offer the exact hotel bedding used at hotels, plus models with additional features such as higher fill powers, finer fabrics, or bigger sizes.

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CoreDown™ 230 TC Down & Down Alternative Comforter
Year Round

CoreDown™ 230 TC Down & Down Alternative Comforter

The best of both worlds. Our innovative design allows you to have the weight and ease of polyester along with the warmth and luxurious loft of down. The outer quilted boxes are filled with a polyester fill, designed to add weight to the edges for a...