Body & Pregnancy Pillows

Body & Pregnancy Pillows

Body pillows, also known as pregnancy pillows, are the largest available bed pillow size, measuring 20 by 48 inches or longer. Common body pillow sizes include 20 by 54 inches and 20 by 60 inches, making them much larger than king size pillows.

Body pillows fit on a wide for a variety of bed sizes, ranging from 54 inch full size mattresses to 78 inch king size mattresses, because they are typically used lengthwise instead of widthwise. 

Pregnancy Pillows for Back, Neck, & Hip Support

In addition to being extremely comfortable, body pillows are sought-after as maternity pillows because they provide excellent support during pregnancy. While many sleepers are naturally stomach sleepers or back sleepers, side sleeping is the best position during pregnancy. Body pillows are designed to be used in a straddling position aligned vertically with the body, providing optimal back, neck, and hip support. 

Body pillows are typically filled with down alternatives made from specialized polyester fill. They are surrounded by soft cotton fabric that is meant to be covered by a pillow protector and pillow case of your choice. Because of their size, body pillows will not fit in a standard case and require an extra long body pillow case.

Our pillows are available in extra long and all typical sizes:

Pillow Sizes

Pillow Dimensions

Body / Pregnancy

20 x 48–60 inches


20 x 26 inches

Jumbo (Standard/Queen)

20 x 28 inches


20 x 30 inches


20 x 36 inches


26 x 26 inches

DOWNLITE hotel pillows are made from hypoallergenic responsibly-sourced down and premium down alternatives.

Learn more about the difference between down and down alternative fill. You can also learn how to care for your pillow.

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