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Hotel Bedding

Hotel bedding has been our US-based company's primary focus for over 40 years. We supply the pillows, comforters, feather beds, protectors, blankets, and mattress pads for many of the luxury hotels and resorts across the US. We’re knowledgeable about bedding and passionate about helping our customers sleep better.

If you’re shopping for rental property bedding, you may appreciate our curated collection of bedding for home rental bedding. If you're looking for ideas on how to make your home into a 5-star luxury hotel on a budget, we also have you covered. 

Sleep position is typically the most critical aspect when choosing which pillow is right for you. We curated a list of recommended pillows for each position:

Other factors to consider when selecting pillows include allergies, temperature sensitivity, and pillow fill density. AAFA-certified hypoallergenic pillows can be a wise choice for people with particularly sensitive allergies. Hot sleepers may appreciate cooling bedding. People with neck pain may appreciate thin, flat pillows, which can be layered to fit your ideal neck height. Buying pillows in bulk is a great way to stock up on pillows affordably. For more direction on how to buy the best pillows for you, check out our Pillow Buying Guide.

Hotel comforters are some of the most expensive bedding investments you'll make when creating a luxury hotel experience at home. Our advice is to prioritize a nice comforter with your bedding budget -- investing in a quality comforter will last a long time and provide lightweight warmth during cooler temperatures. To accommodate a wide variety of sleepers, you may want to try allergy-friendly comforters to avoid issues and complaints of allergens or irritants. For hot sleepers, all-season or lightweight comforters are great options for year-round comfort. For more tips on selecting the right comforter, check out our Comforter Buying Guide

We make hundreds of hotel bedding products for various chains and properties. We specialize in down and down alternative pillows, comforters, blankets, and sheets for properties all over the world. When you find that perfect sleep experience while traveling, don't guess which products you loved. Instead, use our hotel bedding finder.