25/75 Down & Feather Medium or Firm Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers by DOWNLITE® (Hypoallergenic)

From: $80.00

Several resorts use this hotel pillow due to its unique blend of supportive feathers with soft down. This 25/75 pillow makes an excellent sham stuffer because of the ability to give it a karate chop look on the bed and hold its shape. Not only is this feather blend pillow made of hypoallergenic filling, but it is filled and finished in the USA. This pillow is available in a medium or firm density, making it great for side or back sleepers. This pillow is the same SWD100PI0110/115 used at 4-5 star properties.

Pro Tip: Please note that your brand new hotel pillow will feel slightly different then what you enjoyed at the hotel. Think of it like 'breaking in' a pair of shoes, it needs a bit of time to get that 'like' feeling. Consider buying 1 to start first, then afterwards you can buy as many as you like (and maybe a matching blanket or comforter). If you find your new hotel pillow is not as firm as you remember it, then a simple trick is to add a smaller style pillow protector. So let's say you bought a king size pillow and its not firm enough - simply add a jumbo or queen size pillow protector. This will scrunch the filling together resulting in a firmer pillow experience. This simple trick works for any filled pillow style.

  • Hypoallergenic White Duck Down 25/75 Feather Blend*
  • 230 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Fabric
  • Medium or Firm Density - Great for Side & Back Sleepers
  • Easy care machine wash & dry
  • Sold Individually
  • Bulk Packed with Minimal Packaging (Just like we ship to hotels)
  • Shell Made in China. Filled and Finished in the USA of Imported Materials.

Sizes & Weights:

    • Medium Density Version:
      • Standard - 20 x 26 Inches, 34 oz.
      • Queen – 20 x 30 Inches, 37 oz.
      • King – 20 x 36 Inches, 41 oz.
    • Firm Density Version:
      • Standard - 20 x 26 Inches, 41 oz.
      • Queen – 20 x 30 Inches, 45 oz.
      • King – 20 x 36 Inches, 50 oz.

*The items ships with a law label that says the blend is 18/82. This is correct, but what hotels buy is referenced as 25/75.