Product Packaging

Product Packaging

DOWNLITE manufacturers many types of bedding that utilize different styles of packaging. Knowing what to expect before your delivery arrives might help alleviate some delivery day questions.

Regardless of packaging style please note:

Pillows that feature bonus pillow protectors have to be half zipped with the law label sticking out. This is commonly brought up by customers wondering if an item was used or if there was an issue. This is part of state and federal laws governing law label compliance so that consumers can learn what is on the inside of filled bedding items.

Here is an example of the law label sticking out on a pillow in a pillow protector sitting in an opened box:


Here is an example of the pillow in a pillow protector removed from the box and packaging:


Retail Packaging

Items meant to sit on a store shelf have what we call 'retail ready' packaging. These items are usually in a vinyl zipper bag with a printed color display piece or placed in a protective sleeve with printed on screen graphics. Here is an example of a pillow in retail packaging:


Here is an example of a pillow in a screen printed polyester bag (poly bag for short):


Drop Ship Packaging

Many of the items we make are sold only and feature a vinyl zipper bag or polybag with a simple sticker placed on the bottom right of an item highlighting some of the product highlights. Here is an example of one of our mattress pads with drop ship packaging:


 Here is an example of a roll compressed pillow (bottom right sticker not visible in this angle):



Hotel Minimal Style Packaging

When we sell items to hotels they are usually bulk packaged with minimal packaging. Usually this comprises the article of bedding with a protective polyester sleeve to protect against moisture and dirt in transit. Because we want you to enjoy the same bedding that we sell to hotels, we are shipping you the exact items with existing style of minimal packaging. Of course we repack the item into a new box or other type of mailer package.

Some customers might think there is an issue with the item given that there is neither retail packaging or even drop ship style packaging.

An added benefit of this is less packaging which is better for the environment which we can all appreciate.