Hotel Down Bedding

Treat your guests to exquisite rest with our luxurious selection of hotel down bedding. Discover the unparalleled coziness and longevity our down bedding provides:

  • Superior softness: The ultra-fine fibers of our premium down pillows and comforters compress to perfectly cradle and contour to all body shapes and sleeping positions. Our down offers resilient, cloud-like comfort. Some of our products are adjustable to offer maximum comfort for a wide variety of body shapes and sleep position preferences.

  • Temperature Regulation: Down bedding's superior loft and breathability keeps sleepers warm in the winter yet cool in the summer. The fill adapts to match your body temperature for undisturbed rest. For those hot or super temperature-sensitive sleepers, consider our cooling bedding to keep their sleeping temperatures down. After all, cooling bedding can help you sleep better in warmer weather.

  • Durability: With proper care, our high fill power down lasts for years and years while maintaining its lush fullness and support. It's a long-term investment in restful sleep. How long does a comforter last? It depends; protect your down bedding with protectors and regular fluffing

To extend the life of your down bedding, be sure to use covers and wash infrequently in large front-loading machines using a mild detergent. Tumble dry low. We also recommend reading more about how to care for your pillows and comforters

Give your home or guests the gift of hotel luxury bedding. Our down comforters and pillows offer outstanding quality at fair prices by cutting out retailer markups. Experience the unparalleled night's sleep that only high fill power down can provide. Your investment will keep your bedding heavenly soft and snuggly for years on end.