Hotel Down Alternative Bedding

Down-Alternative Bedding 

Give your home or vacation rental the plush comfort of a luxury hotel with our exceptional down-alternative pillows, comforters, and other bedding. Here's how our down-alternative provides sensational softness and easy care:

  • Cloud-Like Comfort: Our down-alternative fill consists of ultra-fine microfibers that mimic the cushy feel of real goose down. You get the same fluffiness and body-contouring support for sound sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic: What does hypoallergenic really mean for bedding? Our synthetic fills are entirely hypoallergenic. This makes our down-alternative bedding safe for those with allergies or sensitivity to natural feathers/down. With our AAFA-certified bedding, you can sleep your way through allergy season.

  • Durability: The tightly woven fill of our down-alternative bedding maintains its loft and shape over repeated machine washing. Our quality materials ensure years of unparalleled coziness. Use protectors to prolong the life of your bedding.

  • Easy Maintenance: Maintain your bedding's freshness and prolong its life with regular washing and maintenance and by fluffing your flat comforter. Down-alternative bedding can be machine washed and dried for convenient cleaning between rentals or at home. Tumble dry on low and avoid fabric softener to maximize longevity. 


Indulge in hotel-style luxury without the allergens or high price tag. Our down-alternative bedding offers outstanding comfort and easy care at an exceptional value. Learn why superhosts invest in down alternative and maximize your reviews. Give your bed a plush makeover sure to be the envy of renters and overnight guests. You'll be rested and impressed.