The pillow sku I have from my hotel doesn’t match anything online?
The same pillow may have two different skus, one for hospitality and one for retail. Please note many hotels do not allow us use their name online. Check the hotel finder or contact us for assistance. 

I never received an email, when will my order ship?
Generally, orders ship within 2-3 days. If you never received an email, check your spam/junk folder. We send 3 emails throughout the process: a confirmation when we receive your order, order processed (but not shipped), and order shipped (with tracking). If you still do not see any of these emails, please contact customer service.

I placed an order, but it's requiring verification?
We may require additional verification for large orders for your protection. Typically, you will receive a call from us to verify that you made the purchase and the ship to location. This is done to protect both you against fraudulent orders and ourselves.

Why am I being charged sales tax?
DOWNLITE has a business presence in many states and is therefore required to collect sales tax on all applicable purchases. Sales tax is calculated based on shipping address and will not be charged for orders shipping to states in which no sales tax is due.

Do you ship to Canada?
We're sorry. We wish we could ship items to every corner of the globe, but at the current time we only ship to the contiguous United States.

What warmth level comforter should I purchase?
Are you a warm or cold person? For someone who is generally warm, or living in a warmer climate, we recommend a Summer weight comforter. For everyday use in mild climates: Year Round weight. We only recommend Winter weight comforters to those who are quite cold, or have harsh Winters.

Some customers want an ‘extra fluffy comforter’. Please note that the fluffier a comforter is, the warmer it will be.

What pillow should I purchase?
How do you sleep? Back, side, stomach? Different densities cater best to certain sleeping positions. If you sleep on your back or side a medium density pillow works best. Stomach sleepers should get a soft pillow. If you want a lot of neck support, or have a larger frame we recommend a firm pillow.

How do you get your down?
Our down comes from well trusted suppliers as a by-product of the poultry industry. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the humane treatment of the waterfowl, including the elimination of live plucking. This practice has earned us the Responsible Down Standard certification. Read our blog for more information.

I have allergies, can I use down?
Down, by law, is required to be cleaned; but we go the extra step to make sure our down is hypoallergenic and sanitized. As a natural fiber, you can experience allergies to down as the fibers break down over the years, but there’s nothing in the down itself that would cause a reaction.

What's the difference between feather and down?
Feathers are two dimensional plumage, with a spine from waterfowl. Down is a three dimensional cluster located under the feathers. Feathers are great for support, as they pack together to create firmness. Down is better for softness, with only mild support (the clusters are easily compacted).

How should I store my down bedding?
When storing down, make sure to use a breathable container/bag. Place this container in a cool, dry place. If the area is damp, the down will mildew and if it's too hot, the natural oils in the down will evaporate.

Why does the tag say '75% Down', not 100%?
The rule from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states if the law label on an item contains 'down', then the item must contain a minimum of 75% down clusters. The other 25% consists of: additional down clusters, down fibers (broken clusters) and small feathers (<6cm). 

How do I wash my down or down alternative bedding?
We offer a series of videos and articles on our sister website www.beddingcare.com.

What Are All These Bedding Acronyms?

WGD - White Goose Down

WDD - White Duck Down

GGD - Grey Goose Down

GGF - Grey Goose Feathers

TC - Thread Count

Alt - Alternative, as in Down Alternative

FP - Fill Power