Back Sleeper Pillows: Unparalleled Support for Night-time Dreamers

Back sleepers in particular should choose the right pillow for their neck; it’s essential to maintain proper spinal alignment and to prevent neck pain. Here are the most critical elements to consider when looking for a back sleeper pillow:

Loft and Thickness

Back sleepers need a pillow with the proper loft (height) to keep the head, neck, and shoulders aligned with the rest of the spine. A pillow that is too thin will cause the neck to bend uncomfortably, while an overstuffed pillow can lift the head too far forward. The sweet spot is usually a loft between 4-6 inches to gently cradle your neck.



The firmness of a pillow is key for evenly supporting a back sleeper's head and neck without creating pressure points. Pillows with medium firmness typically give enough flexibility to conform to your shape while providing adequate neck support. We also offer soft pillows for stomach sleepers and firm pillows for side sleepers.



Back sleepers should typically avoid oversized pillows and select a smaller standard or midsize queen pillow to keep the head and neck centered, to prevent from rolling to the sides during the night. 


Breathable Materials

Cool temperatures help you sleep better. With no elevation to aid airflow, back sleepers can get warm quickly with the wrong pillow materials. Look for pillows that use breathable cotton to prevent overheating through the night. 



The ideal loft can vary night-to-night based on a back sleeper's sleeping position and mattress. Pillows with removable inserts, allow you to customize the height and firmness for optimum back support and comfort.


Pro-Tip: An additional pro-tip for optimal sleep, especially for back sleepers: use a pillow to support the knees. Placing a pillow under the knees can help reduce strain on the lower back and promote spinal alignment.


For additional tips on how to select the right pillow for your sleeping position, check out our Pillow Buying Guide