Down Pillows

Down pillows are filled with soft and fluffy down clusters sourced from geese or ducks. This natural fill is lightweight, breathable, and adapts well to movement throughout the night. The tightly-woven, specially-treated fabric used for down pillows regulates temperature, wicks away moisture, and promotes hygiene.

DOWNLITE down pillows are made from responsibly sourced down. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification ensures that down and feathers are ethically sourced throughout the entire supply chain.

Types of down fill

Goose down is considered the most luxurious pillow filling, delivering unbeatable softness due to the large down clusters of mature geese. Goose down is durable and rare, making it one of the most expensive pillow fills. The outstanding comfort and longevity of goose down pillows may be well worth the price tag in the long run.

Duck down is a close second to goose down. Duck down clusters may be slightly smaller than goose down, but these pillows offer incredibly soft and fluffy support for all types of sleepers. Duck down pillows are more affordable than goose down and just as durable.

Down vs. down alternative pillows

While they may be more expensive than down alternative pillows, high-quality down pillows are durable, retain their shape well, and last for years. In fact, a down pillow typically lasts two or three times as long as a down alternative pillow. 

On the other hand, down alternative pillows are easy to clean and typically less expensive than down fills. This may be a good choice for anyone with allergies or those who prefer to avoid natural products. We also recommend down alternative pillows for vacation rental bedding because they suit most guests and are easy to clean.

Down vs. feather pillows

Down is the light and wispy material found underneath waterfowl feathers, and it creates a very soft and compressible pillow. Feather pillows are more rigid due to their quill and provide firmer support. Feathers may occasionally poke through the pillow fabric, have a tendency to flatten, and may need to be replaced more often.

Choose the right pillow density for your sleep position

A pillow’s density and loft, or height, are determined by the type and amount of fill. While down, feather, and down alternative pillows each have distinct characteristics that affect the shape and feel of the pillow, they can all be made in a variety of densities. 

Because pillow loft and density affect the alignment of your body while you sleep, different types of pillows are recommended for each sleep position. For maximum comfort, we recommend soft pillows for stomach sleepers, medium pillows for back sleepers, and firm pillows for side sleepers.

Choose the right pillow size for your bed

Pillow sizes refer to the length and width of the pillow, or the amount of space it will take up on your bed. They correspond with mattress sizes. For example, a queen size pillow is 30 inches wide and a queen size mattress is 60 inches wide, meaning that two pillows will fit perfectly. However, you can easily pair a single larger pillow with a smaller mattress size or smaller pillows with a larger mattress.

Our pillows are available in all sizes: 

Pillow Sizes

Pillow Dimensions


20 x 26 inches

Jumbo (Standard/Queen)

20 x 28 inches


20 x 30 inches


20 x 36 inches

We sell hotel down pillows at manufacturer-direct prices so you can save money without compromising on quality.

Shop down pillows with confidence

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