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AirBnB VRBO Home Rental Bedding By DOWNLITEDOWNLITE is used in many rental properties around the USA. Whether it's an AirBnB or VRBO property, there is a good chance we furnished them with some of our bedding. Because many of these smaller properties buy our items through a distributor were not able to cross reference which bedding is used at all of the rental properties. 

If you can not find your specific rental property using our hotel bedding finder, you can find our most commonly used products here.

We usually recommend our down alternative bedding to accommodate the most guests possible. Because we make a variety of down alternative pillows under our EnviroLoft, MicroLoft, PrimaLoft and Spira type polyester fibers, it can be difficult to determine the exact product your rental used. We recommend either contacting the property directly or buying one of our hybrid adjustable pillows that combine two of our most popular fillings into one adjustable pillow.

Rental properties may also use our blankets, which combine warmth and comfort with a cozy aesthetic.

One of our favorite rental property items for a comfy bed is our Spa Luxe® TENCEL® blend cool touch plush mattress pad. These pads feature specially designed fabrics and fillings to help mitigate normal mattress overheating.

Although the home rental properties use these items it is impossible to guarantee that the home rental bedding you enjoyed while staying at the property are the same (but we are sure you will love them). 

All of our bedding is hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.

To learn more about how to wash your bedding, please visit

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