Hotel Bedding Protectors

When outfitting your short-term rental or your own family's bedrooms with the luxurious bedding found in hotels, it's essential to also invest in quality bedding protectors. Bedding protectors keep pillows and mattresses clean, and help prolong their lifespans.


Extend Mattress Lifespan

Unprotected mattresses are vulnerable to stains and odor-causing bacteria that can penetrate deep into the material. Our polyester/nylon/spandex mattress protectors create a waterproof barrier that prevents spills and body oils from seeping in. This adds years of life to your mattress and peace of mind for your guests.

Prevent Allergen Buildup

Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander cling to untreated bedding over time. Waterproof hypoallergenic mattress and pillow protectors stop allergens from accumulating in the inner fibers. This provides welcome relief for those with allergies, which can translate into better reviews and more return guests.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Friction from restless sleepers can rub down mattresses and pillows quickly. Smooth cotton or Tencel protectors act as a slip layer between sleepers and bedding. Less abrasion means your bedding stays fuller and fluffier longer.

Enable Proper Cleaning

Specific care is required to wash down comforters and pillows properly. Using a removable protector allows you to clean bedding thoroughly between guests without having to launder the entire comforter or pillow. Proper cleaning practices prolong the life of your bedding and gives you the peace of mind knowing you're the consummate super host.

In addition to their functional benefits, hotel-style bedding protectors keep linens looking freshly made-up and luxurious stay after stay. Investing in quality protectors is a small price to pay to preserve your beautiful bedding and provide a clean, comfortable rest for your guests.