Hotel Bedding Mattress Pads

Hotel Bedding Mattress Pads


Pamper your guests and family with our selection of mattress pads designed for the bedding at upscale hotels. Our premium mattress pads offer:

  • Plush Cushioning: Quilted surfaces and lofty fills like goose down or foam provide pillow-top softness to relieve pressure points for deeper sleep.

  • Added Protection: Waterproof materials safeguard mattresses from spills, moisture, and other accidents to extend mattress lifespan. You can add a mattress protector for additional protection.

  • Enhanced Hygiene: Removable mattress pads allow for easy laundering to keep mattresses fresh for each new guest. No more need to clean the entire mattress.

  • Durability: Hotel-grade mattress pads can handle repeated commercial laundering while maintaining their luxurious feel. Invest once for years of blissful comfort.


For optimal performance, use fitted sheets over the pads to reduce friction and wear. Wash mattress pads frequently using gentle cycles and tumble dry low. Read the Mattress Pad Care Guide for tips on how to maintain your mattress pad.


Give your sleep space a touch of indulgence with our line of sumptuous mattress pads. Designed to replicate genuine hotel luxury at home, our mattress pads promise comfort for rental guests and family that feels like sleeping on a cloud.