Cool Touch Bedding

Stay cooler with our cool touch collection of bedding. Featuring TENCEL®, and Freeze™ our selection will have you sleeping cooler through warmer nights. These products work like magic to disperse heat, and keep you sleeping comfortably.

There are many cooling bedding products to choose from, and there are two key elements to consider. First, you have the outer materials like the cover fabric, which might be cool to the touch, but you also want it to dissipate heat and moisture through the night. Then you have the inner materials which should also help to dissipate heat and moisture. These two factors together offer you a solution to keep you cooler. Now will these items feel like an ice pack at 4 AM, no - what the outer layer does is help you ease into sleep with an initial cool touch feeling. At that point the outer material and the inner material kick in to keep your sleep environment feeling comfy.

There are many reasons to invest in cool bedding such as personal comfort, health issues, nights sweats, change of life and more.

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