​Don’t Sweat It! Smart Bedding Helps You Keep Your Cool!

Posted by Elizabeth Kennedy on 23rd Sep 2019

​Don’t Sweat It! Smart Bedding Helps You Keep Your Cool!

Waking up sweaty is no fun, especially if you’re next to your partner. It can be a constant battle to keep the covers on the bed and stay comfortable. Nobody likes to sleep sweaty, so we’ve solved that problem with our new Intelli-pedic™ ComfortOne™ Comforter!

One great feature of our newest Intelli-pedic™ Smart Bedding line is temperature-regulation. Our Intelli-pedic™ ComfortOne™ Comforter has not only the high quality you’ve come to expect from DOWNLITE, it also is specifically designed to keep you comfortable, whatever the weather.

How did we create the perfect comforter? Through a combination of ClimaSmart XP™ fiberfill, patent-pending quilt design, and our specialized ClimaSmart™ soft, breathable cotton fabric. This trifecta of comfort will help anyone who struggles with temperature regulation at night.

The ClimaSmart XP™ fiberfill helps regulate temperature and humidity, which means less sweating under the covers. Our patent-pending quilt design keeps the fill in place throughout the comforter so that the temperature is evenly distributed. There is added durability toward the edges of the comforter so that your year-round comforter lasts as long as possible. The ClimaSmart™ fabric is not only soft, breathable cotton, it’s also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. This fabric will stay cleaner longer and keep the germs at bay!

Although many healthy individuals find themselves sweating at night, a temperature-regulating comforter may be helpful for certain conditions. Women experiencing menopause are no stranger to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, as are individuals with certain types of cancers and individuals with other hormonal imbalances. Our Intelli-pedic™ ComfortOne™ Comforter can act as cooling relief for menopause and other sweat-inducing medical conditions. This comforter is also made of materials that are easy to care for, so you won’t have to waste your time with long trips to the cleaners.

Although this comforter doesn’t connect to the internet, it’s about as smart as bedding can get! If you’re looking to upgrade your comforter and discover a comfortable night’s sleep, consider the Intelli-pedic™ ComfortOne™ Comforter. We know that picking a comforter can be challenging. That’s why we have friendly and helpful customer service representatives who are ready to answer any of your questions and match you with the best comforter for you.