​What Hypoallergenic Really Means for Bedding?

Posted by Elizabeth Kennedy on 27th Jan 2020

​What Hypoallergenic Really Means for Bedding?

Most of us have heard the word “hypoallergenic” used to describe everything from cosmetics to cats. Although we hear the word all of the time, it seems to have an inconsistent meaning. We often receive questions about our hypoallergenic product offerings at Downlite, so we’re here to help clarify what you can expect from hypoallergenic bedding products.

According to the FDA’s website, the term “hypoallergenic” is unregulated and means whatever a particular company wants. There is little consistency in the term, which lends itself to confusion. If a product is labeled as “hypoallergenic” it means that it is made without products that are the culprits of allergic reactions in the majority of the population with allergies.

What that means in terms of bedding is that products labeled hypoallergenic are typically made with materials that do not usually cause allergic reactions. It can also refer to the process in which the bedding is manufactured. Additionally, some hypoallergenic bedding is made from materials that prevent the growth or accumulation of common allergens like dust mites, dander, and mold. If you are someone who is particularly sensitive to common allergens you could benefit from hypoallergenic bedding.

Some individuals think that down cannot be considered hypoallergenic, but this is actually a myth! This is where the quality of the down used comes into play. Low-quality down contains natural animal byproducts that can be allergenic. By contrast, high quality down is cleaned extensively to ensure that there are a few allergy-inducing byproducts on the down as possible. Downlite products are washed and sanitized to be some of the highest quality down products on the market! Very popular options are the Soft White Goose Down Pillow and Eddie Bauer 700 Fill Power Comforter.

At Downlite, we offer down alternative comforters and pillows that are labeled as hypoallergenic. The Hotel & Resort Medium Density EnviroLoft® Pillow, boasts a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This pillow features our EnviroLoft® fill at a medium density, which is perfect for side sleepers. It is also covered in premium ultra soft cotton. This pillow is even hot water washable and dry-able up to 120 degrees to kill germs and bacteria and eliminate allergy-causing microbes.

An example of one of our hypoallergenic comforter offerings is the Stearns & Foster® PrimaCool™ Hypoallergenic Comforter. Featuring EnviroLoft® Polyester Filling, this comforter is the ideal weight for any season. This comforter is also constructed with our PrimaCool™ fabric, an innovative blend of Tencel® and cotton that helps to keep you cool all night. The sewn-thru construction in this comforter is used specifically to ensure that the fill stays in place leaving you with even coverage.