Storing Your Down Comforter

1st May 2019

Storing Your Down Comforter

It's May and that means it's officially time to change your bedroom's focus from cozy and warm to breezy and cool. Though there are several options for year-round comforters, people often feel like summer is time for more light-weight comforter options. But how should you store your down to protect it during the warmer months? We've broken it down so you can pull out fresh, clean, lofty comforters come fall.

1. Wash It

Before putting it away for the season, you should wash your down comforter. The harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the down so skip the bill and wash them yourself. Even at home, harsh soaps can do more harm than good, so limit your washes to once or twice a year. Washing machines with agitators in the middle are often too rough, you can always use a laundromat to avoid the agitator. Use warm water and a gentle cycle.

Using a duvet cover is a great way to protect your comforter. Not only will it allow you to wash it less often by protecting it from stains and pet hair, but it will also help keep your comforter smelling fresh.

2. Dry It

Dry on low heat and put a clean tennis ball in the machine with the comforter to help break up clumps of down that may have formed in the washing process and return them to their ultimate loft. It will take several hours to dry but it is important to make sure that your down is completely dry or mildew could for. Drying your down comforter is super easy way to breathe life back into it at any time. It rejuvenates the loft and re-distributes the fill for comforters that may not be sewn-through to keep the filling in place.

3. Store It

Your down needs to remain dry and able to breathe. Linen bags, cotton fabric, or other breathable protective means are best for this. Moisture can condense in plastic containers or bags so steer clear. Keep the packed comforter in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use it again.

4. A Little Extra

Fold a lavender sachet or other dry aromatic inside the comforter before packing it away. When you open your comforter in the fall, it will be clean, lofty, scented, and ready for your bed.