The Holiday Inn® & Holiday Inn Express® hotel chain in North America features hotel bedding made by Downlite.

Some of the Holiday Inn® & Holiday Inn Express® hotels use our EnviroLoft down alternative comforters and medium-density EnviroLoft down alternative pillows. Because some hotels are franchised, it is impossible to guarantee your hotel had these items UNLESS you ask the hotel to confirm. These products are made in America & available for sale to home customers.

Some 5 Star Reviews of Bedding made for SOME Holiday Inn® properties:

Hotel pillows

"These are the best! We stayed at the Holiday Inn®, the pillows were great. I looked on line to see who supplied them. These are great."
Shopper name: Linda G.
Review Date = 1/23/23
Product name: EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Medium Hotel Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers by DOWNLITE® (AAFA Certified Hypoallergenic)

All Season EnviroLoft Down Alternative Hotel Comforter

"After carefully reconsidering my original plan to acquire one of these from a Holiday Inn®, I scoured the internet for one. Found the website and purchased one during a sale. I love the noise this makes; I know, a little silly. But seriously, this is SUPER warm!!! Not bulky or heavy. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!"
Shopper name: Tracy W.
Review date = 1/24/23
Product name: All Season EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Hotel Duvet Insert with Duvet Tabs by DOWNLITE® (Hypoallergenic)

Great comforter

"My wife and I were able to stay in a Holiday Inn Express® that used this comforter and wanted to purchase one like what the hotel used."
Shopper name: Aaron C.
Review Date = 9/27/22
Product name: Lightweight EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Blanket with Duvet Tabs by DOWNLITE® (Hypoallergenic)

Although their hotel properties should use the products listed below, it is not always possible to guarantee they are the same ones you enjoyed during your stay (but we are sure you will love them!).

All of our Holiday Inn® & Holiday Inn Express® bedding is hypoallergenic and machine washable & dry-able. To learn more about how to wash your bedding, please visit

The trademark Holiday Inn® is owned by Holiday Inns Of America and DOWNLITE is not affiliated with this brand but is merely a supplier to some of the properties.