4 & 5 Star Hotel Bedding By DOWNLITEMany of the best hotels, resorts, and inns that we make hotel bedding for use the following items in their properties.

Most of the 4 star properties use either our 50/50 down and feather blend pillows or the EnviroLoft hotel pillows. Both are rated medium density and hypoallergenic. Most of the time the hotels use a combination of the two on each bed. If you did not write down the information from the 'law label' you may be able to tell the difference between the two in terms of feeling.

The 50/50 pillows offer a pleasant give-and-take, and allow you to move the filling around to where you want additional support. The EnviroLoft model, being a synthetic down, feels more artificially stiff as you would expect a polyester pillow filling material to feel.

Other items used in those properties our our diamond quilt pattern blankets - both of which are oversold and only available in select size for the balance of 2019. We do have plenty of other blankets which offer the same warmth level - they just aesthetically look different. To learn more, visit to our blanket collection today.

Lastly - not used by many hotels, but one of our favorite items for a comfy bed - is our Spa Luxe® TENCEL® blend cool touch plush mattress pad. These cool touch pads feature specially designed fabrics and fillings to help mitigate normal mattress overheating.

Although the hotels use these items it is impossible to guarantee that the hotel-style bedding you enjoyed while staying at the property are the same (but we are sure you will love them). 

All of our bedding is hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.

To learn more about how to wash your bedding, please visit