​What's New In Sleep News

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 4th Apr 2022

​What's New In Sleep News

At Downlite, we continually survey the literature to discover what sleep topics are being discussed, asked about, or are new on the horizon. We read guest reviews, travel brochures, historical accounts, poetry, obituaries -- just about anything to get us thinking about sleep and its many facets.

Here is a quick summary of some of the recent sleep tips and stories we've been seeing.

  • Set a wake-up time, not a go-to-sleep time. The idea here is to train yourself to feel tired at the right time (i.e., 8-9 hours before you need to rise) and eliminate wide fluctuations in your bedtime.
  • Charge your phone or tablet across the room. Disable "autoplay" on streaming services to reduce binge-watching. Go low tech - read a book or do a puzzle. Reduce screen time.
  • Don't drink (alcohol) or eat too close to bedtime.
  • Eliminate noises you can fix, i.e., squeaky fans, blowing branches, flapping flags, etc.
  • Use earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and white noise.
  • Keep a sleep diary. It can help you diagnose what is disrupting your sleep and help plan and measure improvements.
  • Meditate. Breathing, praying, and counting sheep can help reduce your heart rate, calm a racing mind and facilitate sleep.
  • Consider melatonin, a hormone sold as a dietary supplement. Studies have shown it reduces the time needed to fall asleep and increases the total sleep time, in each case by about seven minutes.

Improvements in sleep and the sleeping experience can also be provided by renewing and/or upgrading the bedding in your home.

If you do take that opportunity, we are ready to help you with everything from the mattress protector at the base to the luxurious and warming comforter topping your cozy new nest.

The mattress pad is next, which adds an additional layer of protection to your new mattress and the first layer of plush comfort. For a superior sleeping experience, try our Cloud Top Ultra-Plush Pillow Top Feather Bed - after just a night or two, you may want to spend the next three-day weekend nestled in your soft cloud of comfort!

The comforter is crucial to achieving the proper microclimate necessary for a good night's sleep. From warmer to cooler-weather sleeping, having the correct comforter makes the prospect of approaching bedtime a pleasant thought. Please look at our Comforter Buying Guide for more information and ideas.

Having the proper pillow for the type of sleeper you are in the next consideration. Pillows come in various fills, densities, shapes, fabrics, and firmnesses. Technological advances provide cooling, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic features, so there is truly a pillow available to satisfy every type of sleeper.

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

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