Why does my pillow feels different than it did at the hotel?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 30th Jun 2021

Why does my pillow feels different than it did at the hotel?

DOWNLITE makes 30 plus styles of hotel pillows for thousands of hotels, resorts, and cruise lines worldwide.

Many folks can find the bedding from a hotel stay using our Hotel Finder tool. Note that most chain hotels are not listed on the tool because the hotels have asked us to not use their name. If the hotel you are searching for is not listed, give us a call at 1-833-349-0999 or email us at

When a hotel buys a pillow from DOWNLITE, they are just like the ones you are buying. But what makes them feel firmer or softer over time?

When a hotel washes a pillow under extreme heat, it will shrink the fabric, resulting in a firmer pillow experience. Also, the hotel may stuff the pillow into a smaller size pillow protector or sham, which results in a firmer experience.

On the flip side, if a hotel never washes a pillow, repeated guest stays will weaken the pillow filling over time, resulting in a flatter or softer pillow experience.

If you find your new hotel pillow is not as firm as you remember it, a simple trick is to add a smaller style pillow protector. So let's say you bought a king-size pillow, and it is not firm enough. You can add a jumbo or queen-size pillow protector, and it will scrunch the filling together, resulting in a firmer pillow experience. This simple trick works for any filled pillow style except for foam pillows. You can use it for many of our popular style pillows like our 50/50 feather and down blend pillows and even our EnviroLoft or Cluster Puff pillows.