​Why Do People Steal Hotel Pillows?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 21st Jul 2020

​Why Do People Steal Hotel Pillows?

Are you one of those people who sleep better in a hotel than in their own bed? Some of us have even been tempted to take one of these precious sleep inducers home with us as souvenirs! Let us assure you: there are alternatives to taking a hotel pillow home. Luckily our hotel bedding finder cross references over 500 plus hotels so you can find the one you love and buy for your home a brand new pillow (Note that many national hotel chains don't like us to use their name, so send us an email so we can confirm for you if the hotel does not show up on the list).

We have all wondered why our nights in hotels are so comfortable.

So, why are hotel pillows so comfy?

The vacation atmosphere can certainly help sleep, but the quality of the bedding is also a main factor. If you suffer from sleep problems at home, but enjoy a good night’s sleep in a good hotel, it is quite possible that your bedding is outdated or poorly adapted.

Specialists for more than 40 plus years in providing high-end bedding to hotels and resorts, Downlite offers you the same hotel quality for your home comforters, pillows and mattress pads.

Quality materials

Our range of hotel pillows uses the best upholstery and cover materials -- that’s why they’re so comfortable. Most hotels use pillows with high quality fabrics that feel great and can withstand industrial washing and drying.

Whatever cover material is used, another reason that our hotel pillows are super comfortable is because we combine the softest and finest cover material with the appropriate amount and type of filling. This ensures a comfortable feel on the skin and ensures that the pillow does not flatten after a few nights. Many hotels use a cotton fabric for the pillow paired with a poly/cotton blend pillow protector.

5-star hotels carry out detailed assessments of the pillows they choose. The pillow should not be too firm or too soft; it should look and feel fresh, even after dozens of cleanings. The material must be durable so that the investment is justified. Even though everyone is different, hotels find the middle ground by choosing classic, universal and practical pillows for their customers. Luxury hotels and resorts know that customers will never be dissatisfied if they offer the best bedding - why take a chance?

Characteristics of the hotel pillow

Hotel pillows (and more generally all bedding in hotels) are carefully chosen for both the guest experience and durability. Several characteristics of these pillows make them stand out from conventional pillows:

  • High quality cotton fabrics.
  • Use of a premium hypoallergenic filling, either natural or synthetic.
  • Providing pillows on the medium/firm side, not too soft.

Which hotel pillows does Downlite offer?

Downlite offers pillows featuring the latest technological advances. Because sleep preferences vary, Downlite offers a variety of hotel pillows:

  • The soft pillow, which is intended for people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.
  • The medium pillow, which is also suitable for sleeping on the stomach but which is a little firmer than the soft pillow. Perfect for people who like to sleep on their back.
  • The firm pillow, which provides excellent neck and cervical support. Perfect for sleeping on your side.

Protective covers

Pillow protectors keep your pillows fresh and free from dust mites, and help them hold their shape. These protectors can be cleaned regularly and extend the life of a pillow. In addition, protective pillow covers also play an important role in the overall comfort experience. 

The material must be of high quality and natural. A Poly/Cotton is a frequent choice. Some hotels opt for the more luxurious and choose all cotton as the main material. There are hypoallergenic variants available, which with skin and respiratory allergies.

To summarize: the combination of the quality of the materials, the general maintenance, the hypoallergenic elements and the large selection all contribute to the special experience delivered by hotel bedding. An experience so positive and pleasant that every once in a while, even respectable humans can be tempted to take a hotel pillow home with them in an attempt to bring some of that precious quality sleep to their everyday life.

There are options to buy for home: hotel bedding is our specialty. When you find that perfect sleep experience while traveling, don't guess at which products you loved; instead, use our hotel bedding finder.

You may choose a high-end pillow to replace your too-soft and uncomfortable pillow. Hotels are equipped with luxury pillows to offer a unique experience to their customers during their stay. Both soft and comfortable, these pillows allow you to forget the worries of everyday life. And if you still don't know which one to choose, we recommend the 50/50 hotel pillow, because it offers both optimal cervical support and unequaled comfort.

If you have a question about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us; our experts are available to guide you when choosing your hotel pillow or hotel comforter.

Looking for the pillows, comforters, and bedding used at luxury hotels nationwide?

Downlite bedding supplies thousands of hotels, resorts, cruise lines, bed and breakfasts, and home rental properties nationwide. Search for your favorite hotel using our hotel bedding finder, and browse our best-selling hotel pillows and hotel comforters today.

Downlite Bedding is family-owned and operated. All our products are proudly assembled in the USA and eligible for free shipping throughout the contiguous United States. Contact us and speak with a bedding expert today.


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