Bed Pillows Come In Different Shapes?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 17th Aug 2020

Bed Pillows Come In Different Shapes?

There are basically two types of pillow shapes and they are designed for different purposes.

Generally, rectangular pillows (i.e hotel pillows, down pillows, down alternative pillows or feather pillows) measure from 20” × 26” to 20 x 36 and Euro square pillows can range from 26” × 26”  to 36" x 36" (see table below). But what shape and size of pillow should you choose? In fact, it depends on the intended use and your specific needs. Some pillow shapes allow you to sleep better, while others provide support to your back while you are in bed relaxing with a book or watching TV.

Rectangular pillows help you sleep better.

We generally recommend the rectangular pillow for sleeping. The most effective sleeping pillow supports the head without being positioned under the shoulders. This is why the square pillow is less suitable for sleep. Sleeping with a square pillow forces the sleeper to either (i) put their shoulders on the pillow, (ii) fold the pillow and raise the head too high for proper spinal alignment, or (iii) lie further down the bed, uncomfortably pushing their feet into the sheets and comforter at the foot of the bed. Conversely, a rectangular pillow provides constant support throughout the night. This the most important element to consider in choosing between square and rectangular pillows.

Similarly, because the rectangular pillow is narrower, you can more easily turn around and flip it during the night without waking up. If you're the type who moves a lot during your sleep, the rectangular pillow is for you!

Finally, opt for an extra-flat pillow or a body pillow if you sleep on your stomach.

A variety of standard sizes are available, as described in the table below.

Euro Square pillows for décor and reading.

The square pillow, which is more popular in Europe and especially in France, turns out to be better suited for relaxation in bed than for sleeping. As stated above, the three natural responses to sleeping with a square pillow all interfere with sleep.

Ideally, we will choose a square pillow, such as a Euro sham stuffer, to decorate the bed during the day, attractively arranging the various sizes of pillows. In the evening, to help fall asleep, we slip a Euro pillow behind the back to read or watch our favorite show. Finally, to sleep, we remove the Euro pillow and keep only the rectangular pillow.

The square shape helps keep the head and the upper body in a correct sitting position. Flexible, it provides a comfortable welcome and avoids having to slide two or more rectangular pillows behind the back. Indeed, with an accumulation of cushions, you tend to slouch, and after a few minutes, you will feel discomfort. The square pillow provides consistent support higher up your back and solves this problem.

Finally, the square pillow is by far the most aesthetic model in the range of pillow sizes. If you want to enhance your room, opt for a square cushion, even if it is replaced at night by another shape more suitable for sleeping.

The two standard sizes of euro square pillows for adults are 26” x 26” and 36” x 36.” Choose according to the dimensions of your bed, for obvious aesthetic reasons, but also according to your morphology: larger-sized people will be more comfortable with the larger pillow.

You may have concluded from this article that you should choose both square and rectangular pillows due to their different primary uses, and we encourage you to do so. If so, to complete your décor and pillow collection, consider adding a bolster, which are available in a variety of sizes.

Summary Table of Pillow Sizes & Shapes:

Types Sizes Information
Euro pillow26”x 26”Standard size in Europe or 'Sham Stuffer' in USA
XL Euro pillow36” x 36 “Better for a tall person
Euro sham stuffers20" x 20"To decorate any bed
Bolster 8" x 24"Queen or King bed
Neckroll 6" x 16"Twin bed
King rectangle pillow20" x 36"King bed
Queen rectangle pillow20” x 30”Queen bed
Jumbo rectangle pillow20" x 28"Any bed
Standard rectangle pillow20” x 26” Any bed
XL Body pillow20” x 60”For tall stomach sleepers needing hip support
Body pillow20” x 48” For stomach sleepers needing hip support

If you would like any help or professional advice before ordering your bedding, please contact our customer service representatives by email and they will assist you in your decision making.