Work from Your Bed (While you still can)

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 1st Jun 2021

Work from Your Bed (While you still can)

After a year of teleworking and physical distancing, more and more people are simply choosing to work from their beds. In these times of confinement and teleworking, the call of the softness of a hotel pillow is strong, and the Cloud Top Ultra Plush Pillow Top Feather Bed is a most comfortable diversion.

The current trend, especially for younger adults who may not have a spare room for an office, is to temporarily transform the bed into a desk. Indeed, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large part of the world's population has found itself having to work, at least partially, from home. A 2021 survey of 1,000 Americans reveals that 72% have worked in bed in the past year, an increase of 50% since the start of the pandemic. Although many folks are heading back to the office, there is a chance you might be spared from the move back for a while more.

In previous decades, the normal workday involved an employee waking up early, doing their morning routine, and going to “the office.” They would spend eight or more hours there before returning home for the day. Working spaces and living spaces were clearly defined and separated.

Today, the pandemic, combined with advanced cloud technologies, is changing all of that. Workers now answer emails, work on projects, and attend webinars from their homes and bedrooms. All of this is easily accomplished with any device that has an internet connection.

The concept of bed work was embraced by Winston Churchill, who famously spent his mornings working in bed under a down blanket. Without internet or smart pads, Churchill efficiently checked his correspondence, dictated responses to his secretaries, and kept up to date on world affairs, all from the comfort of his feather pillow.

For those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, Churchill's schedule can be a source of inspiration. Using a mobile device or laptop, almost anything that can be accomplished in an office can be accomplished from the comfort of hotel bedding. Granted, this might not be the best option for a morning video briefing with key clients, but if no face-to-face interaction is required, many find it the best way to work before midday.

Working in bed? Many people admit it, while in the same breath admitting it's not the most ergonomic place to work. Here are a few tips on how to better manage your virtual in-box from the comfort of your bed.

Use a box or bed table to elevate the computer.

When sitting cross-legged in bed, upright, the computer ends up too low if you put it on your lap. Try to elevate the computer to a comfortable working height, which will also create a stable surface for the mouse.

Support your back with a cushion or pillow.

Working from a bed can quickly create back discomfort if you sit forward-facing and leaning forward. Make sure to sit back against a wall or the headboard, with a cushion or pillow to hug all the curves of the back. A Euro pillow to help you to sit straight or a body pillow to stabilize your posture are great options to consider.

Keep a bedside table nearby.

It is well known that there are always 1,001 things to use when in the office; paper, pencil, coffee, documents, ... Make sure you have a stable space for the essentials at hand.

Mind your posture.

It is essential to vary your posture through the morning and support the various parts of your body, avoiding pressure or tension. Try to simulate the experience of a sitting posture in an upright chair, in particular by providing lumbar support to the lower back (a rolled-up soft pillow or a neckroll pillow will do), and by slightly raising your knees. Likewise, it is better to place the computer screen at eye level or higher.

If you use your bed in an old-fashioned way, like reading, for example, check out the humorous story of Eva, who, after her twins leave home for college, curls up under her comforter to spend an entire year there. Depression? No - just a search for relief from our supercharged society. (The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend)

Whether you’re in the office, in bed, or in between, contact us for answers to all of your luxury bedding questions.

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels