​Upgrade Your Guest Room To a Multi-purpose Space

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 21st Feb 2021

​Upgrade Your Guest Room To a Multi-purpose Space

There are at least 33,000,000 spare bedrooms in the United States, and probably far more, when you consider that many people share a room. The average sized guest room in an American home is 11’ x 12’, but can be as small as 10’ x 10’; most building codes require a bedroom to be at least 7’ x 10’. What is everyone doing with all that space?

The spare room can and should have at least two functions. One, of course, is as a sleeping space for visitors. A guest room should be at least 10’ x 11’ to accommodate a queen sized bed; anything smaller than that will require a twin. When considering your spare room space, therefore, you most likely have between 70 and 130 square feet to work with.

For the sleeping space, choose quality bedding, not only because your loved ones deserve the best (although it is true that increased comfort adds risk that guests stay longer or visit more often than expected!), but also because you may occasionally sleep in this place. Consider choosing bedding that accommodates sensitive or allergic visitors, such as allergy friendly bedding or hypoallergenic bedding. Several Downlite bedding products are certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly and easy to wash, which both hosts and guests appreciate.

To continue arranging or re-arranging this multifunctional room, it is then necessary to reflect and decide on the other primary role of the space, especially as we do more and more activities at home. Do you often get visits from family or friends? Are students or others working from home? The room must then welcome your work/homeschool space as well as your guests.

Here are some ideas for making the most out of the space, while still having the option of using it as a private sleeping room for guests.

The home office.

With more of us than ever working from home, the home office is probably the most popular use of a spare room. Go beyond the little desk in the corner, perhaps let your imagination take you to a modern Italian design group creating furniture units that easily convert from office space into luxury sleeping quarters. The practical aspects of the home office require a good internet and cell phone connection, adequate lighting, a power strip with surge protection, a plant or two for serenity, and luxury hotel bedding for your Italian masterpiece.

The atelier.

Painting, sewing, throwing a pot - whatever your talent, entering a special space dedicated to your art can instantly change your attitude for the better. In addition to a sleeper sofa equipped with the appropriate soft sheets and extra soft down pillows, you’ll want a work table, moveable lighting, containers for materials, and seating.

The media room.

You can free up another part of your living space by moving the television screen into the spare room. Add a comfortable sofa with good bedding, soft lighting, and extra euro pillows and a lightweight blanket for comfort and decor. Bluetooth-enabled speakers are widely available, allowing you to add music, news, and audio books or podcasts to the experience without adding wires or outlets.

The home gym.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the fitness industry, while at the same time home fitness equipment is sold out, with surveys showing many respondents not planning to return to the gym. The most popular equipment ranges from the good old dumbbells to advanced cardio trainers and cycling equipment with on-line training. Each unit will require a solid base and separate electrical connection. Look for machines that are somewhat portable and stow easily, allowing you to convert the space into a guest room equipped with eco-friendly bedding.

The rented room.

Over 37% of people who have used home-sharing services, such as Airbnb, have used the service to rent a single room or other shared space in an occupied home. This works out to 4% of all Americans, so perhaps the extra room could be designed with this in mind. You would want to include some of the elements of the home office, but perhaps also add a lock on the door, a small coffee maker, and possibly a dorm fridge if there is room. Since you will be charging your guest for the room, you will also want new and practical bedding that also provides a feeling of elegance. Therefore for this option we recommend our hotel bedding collection, including deluxe hotel pillows, splendid hotel comforters, and perfect feather blend pillow, to provide your guest a unique sleeping experience.

If you would like any help or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives by email, and they will assist you in your decision-making.