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Purchasing bedding is an excellent opportunity to be thoughtful about our planet. Buying cooling bedding (bedding that is cool on your skin) can reduce the amount of energy required to power an air conditioner, and result in better quality sleep. Year round comforters and lightweight comforters reduce the amount of material used in your bedding when it’s not necessary.

At Downlite we also offer planetWISE® bedding, which helps you #RelaxResponsibly in several ways:

  • We replaced the plastic protective bag on the pillow with a bio-degradable one made of potato starch.
  • The soft, microfiber fabric and lofty fiber fill is created by from recycled water bottles that make fibers and thread.
  • A comforter saves up to 156 plastic bottles from landfills!

Making a change with your shopping behavior is one of the most enjoyable ways to have a positive impact on the Earth. Sleep easy knowing you’re shopping responsibly!

Additional resources:  Sleeping Sustainably  |  Small Steps to Sustainable Living


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planetWISE® eco-Friendly Pillow

comfortWISE Support Pillow

$30.00 - $35.00
Relax Responsibly with comfortWISE, featuring planetWISE® eco-friendly technology. This Soft/Medium density pillow features ultra-soft planetWISE® microfiber fabric made from high-grade recycled yarns encasing lofty and supportive...