Can I have more than one pillow?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 4th Oct 2021

Can I have more than one pillow?

We often get asked how many pillows people use in bed, and the average is about 2 per person. 

The primary use of a pillow and in our case specifically a bed pillow is to properly support your head and neck based on your preferred sleeping style.

  • Most consumers rate themselves as a side sleeper, which we would suggest using a firm density pillow to make sure your neck and head are properly supported.
  • If you sleep on your back then we would suggest a medium density pillow.
  • Finally, if you sleep on your stomach or have severe neck issues, one of our soft or extra soft pillows is suggested.

One of the most important things we want folks to know is that there is no rule that you must use two of the exact same style pillows on your bed. In fact, we suggest a mix and match approach so that on any given day you can rotate the pillows used to give you targeted comfort for your sleep needs at the time.

This especially applies to a guest bedroom and with the holidays coming up it's a great idea to have 2-3 different style pillows on hand (or consider having a couple of our 3 in 1 adjustable pillows which can be mix and matched for unlimited comfort needs.

One of our favorite combinations of 3 pillows for the ultimate guest room experience would include:

  • Our medium density White Goose down hotel style chamber pillow (which is like a pillow in a pillow with soft down on the outside and  supportive feathers in the middle).
  • Our MicroLoft squishy pillows.
  • Our PrimaLoft® Hypoallergenic softer medium hotel pillow for the ultimate down alternative experience.

Or invest in the 3 in 1 adjustable pillows to cover all the bases with one pillow, if space constrained.

Some consumers like to use one cooling pillow in addition to their normal pillows to help make those first several minutes into bed feel cool and refreshing.

Aside from traditional uses of a bed pillow we know of many ways folks like to use our pillows including some surprisingly creative ways including:

  • Using a pillow between the knees for hip support (some folks don't want a body pillow as they might be too long).
  • Placing under your feet for elevating heart support.
  • Placing a pillow below their mattress pad/feather bed and covering with sheets like normal - this causes a hump which raises your head, kind of like an adjustable bed. Because the pillow is locked in place, it tends to stay in place until the next round of sheet laundry.
  • Using on a couch for tv watching or reading.
  • Placing behind you while leaning on the headboard to read or watch TV.
  • House repair support for your knees when you're doing a project on your knees (plumbing, painting).
  • Stress relief (aka yelling into the pillow).

So, tell us how else do you use your bed pillow to maximize comfort?

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.