​Do you remember the last time you changed your pillows?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 27th Apr 2021

​Do you remember the last time you changed your pillows?

Do you remember the last time you changed your pillows? Do a little memory search and you might find that it has been a long time since you have replaced them. At Downlite we are on a mission to help everyone sleep more comfortably, and we want to remind you of an important, and often simply overlooked task - changing your pillows.

Many people have a personal, almost emotional relationship with their pillow; a bit like with your toothbrush, you don't lend your pillow. Also, if you have guests, you normally have pillows reserved for them; and don’t lend your pillows when they come to sleep in your home. Likewise, when traveling many of us follow the lead of Queen Elizabeth and take our pillows with us.

Despite these attachments, it is necessary to regularly change your pillows, even your favorite soft pillows, quite simply and at the very least for basic hygiene reasons (and it's the same with your toothbrush, except it's less often for your pillow). Old pillows can be the source of irritants for sensitive individuals and should be replaced periodically, with hypoallergenic pillows if warranted.

As bedding professionals, we find that there are two main reasons for changing pillows, which sometimes coincide. For many people, a change of pillows or bedding is triggered by a change in their personal life, and, like other important changes, fresh new bedding can bring comfort and even a new perspective. The most common reason for changing bedding is a change of the bed itself. People change beds when they redecorate, move house, get married, get an orthopedic or other specialized bed, switch from a child to an adult bed, etc. Bedding changes are therefore often dictated by a change in the size of the bed. It may be necessary to acquire queen or king-size pillows in addition to the standard size pillows or to get a California King size comforter. Changing your bed is the perfect opportunity to refresh the bedding, starting with a new comforter and hotel pillows.

If you’re looking for the same benefits without the life changes, consider just changing the pillows rather than your home, partner, or entire décor. Be inspired by the fact that bedding and pillows should be changed more often than the bed itself, and at much less expense and planning.

Another reason people change their pillows is more spontaneous and less practical. When traveling (and even if traveling with your own pillow) you will sleep outside of your home and experience different pillows and bedding. Whether sleeping at a hotel, on a cruise ship, while stargazing at a dude ranch, or with friends or family, the lucky traveler has a comfy bed ready and waiting, which provides a perfect opportunity to test another pillow. Sometimes disappointing, but more often rewarding, the chance to compare your bedding and pillow preferences to a different standard is one of the many benefits of travel.

If you do find the pillow of your dreams while on the road, simply take a photo of the pillow tag and/or use our hotel bedding finder to find out exactly what pillow you were sleeping on. Downlite supplies many luxury hotels and premium cruise ships with hotel-quality pillows and bedding.

So, although we have not (yet) sponsored a National Change Your Pillow Day or National Make Your Bed Day, why not make it today? Keep in mind that even if you wash it periodically, depending on the filling of your pillow, it must be changed regularly: 8 to 10 years for a down pillow and 4 years maximum for a down alternative pillow.

If you are not sure what pillow you should acquire, you can consult our pillow guide.

We are here to assist you every day with our selection of hotel quality bedding products and which are right for you. Contact us today.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels