Why just buy one pillow for now?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 10th Jun 2021

Why just buy one pillow for now?

Many of our customers originally find us because they enjoyed the pillow (or comforter) they experienced at one of the fine hotels, resorts or cruise lines we make bedding for. While we do offer an amazing hotel bedding finder to cross reference what hotels buy which items, it is not always fool proof. The hotel data is collected based on what they directly ordered from us and or if a guest confirms the model information. In addition, hotels may supplement their bedding stock with items from other manufacturers or could simply have an older piece of bedding in a room that has not been updated.

In addition to confirming what the hotels ordered, is what experience you had with that initial item versus how the brand new one feels at home. So, let's say you bought one piece of an item but it still feels different - why is that?

The bedding at home experience versus what the hotel had is caused by the care taken from the hotel for the items. High temp water, bleach, caustic cleaning agents and extra hot drying cycles can make items shrink and feel firmer. Or a property might not wash the inner pillow and over years the product gets 'broken into' by repeated hotel guest stays and will feel softer. Finally, the inner materials over time do break down which also results in a 'softer' experience.

When you order from DOWNLITE we are shipping you new bedding that has never been washed or 'broken into', so it may have a different tactile feeling then you remember. So, for those reasons we always suggest to just buy one item versus ordering several to start off. This allows you the ability to try it at home and confirm if it felt like you remembered it. If the feeling is dramatically different, it is a lot easier to coordinate a return for one item versus several. The DOWNLITE team can then suggest alternative items or perhaps a universal adjustable pillow which offers several density options in one product. In fact, the adjustable pillow is so flexible in its density capabilities if you're in doubt on which item to consider it makes a wonderful option to choose from.

For these reasons we suggest just ordering one item to start. This gives you the chance to try the item, verify how it feels and if you love it - order more.