​Trouble Sleeping? Check The Calendar

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 23rd Mar 2022

​Trouble Sleeping? Check The Calendar

Reading two recent studies together, along with a brief consultation of the 2022 calendar, allows us to predict that many people will have trouble sleeping on the following dates over the next few months, especially men:

  • April 10 and 11
  • May 8 and 9
  • June 12 and 13
  • July 10 and 11
  • August 7 and 8

The University of Uppsala published the results of a study of the sleep of 852 people between the ages of 21 and 81. The study examined sleep quality in the context of the lunar cycle and found strong evidence of a connection between the phase of the moon and the quality and length of sleep.

Male subjects reported sleeping a full 20 minutes less per night during the waxing (growing) moon, prior to the full moon, and had a 3.4% reduction in sleep efficiency. Likewise, female subjects reported a significant but less significant loss of 12 minutes per night.

Combine that scholarly research with the results of a Mattress Firm poll conducted by OnePoll, which questioned respondents about the relationship of their sleep to their work, and you will see what we mean about those being dates to watch out for.

The Mattress Firm poll examined a wide variety of sleep topics related to work. One insight we gained was that people sleep the worst on Sunday and Monday nights. The reasons are suspected to include a combination of the “Sunday scaries” and weekend hangover.

Sunday sleep is often disrupted by “anticipatory anxiety” or what many call the “Sunday scaries”, says Dr. Chris Winter, MD. “Many of us skip out on sleep during the workweek, causing us to feel more anxious in the hours leading up to bedtime on Sunday night, which makes it the worst day for sleep.

The reason for poor sleep on Mondays seems to be rooted in the “difficulty getting out of weekend mode” reported by 26% of the respondents.

Combining the Uppsala study with the Mattress Firm results leads us to caution readers to beware of Sundays and Mondays when the moon is waxing, i.e., before the moon is full - the dates for the next few are listed above.

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