​Are You Up Again?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 4th May 2022

​Are You Up Again?

Do you "sleep all night?" Does your partner? Do your friends? What does that even mean?

You may have noticed that after about the age of 30, many people do not sleep in a continuous 6-8 hour slumber. Science now seems to have confirmed that observation and researchers are developing theories about the reasons for this.

One theory is that the prevalence of unnatural or industrial light over the past 150 years has interrupted or disturbed millennia of human evolution. Common sense may suggest it is easier to sleep with the lights out -- and much has been written on the topic.

A recent study looked at the effect of just a little bit of light in the bedroom. It not only reinforced previous findings, but the researchers were "surprised that even this fairly … small amount of light just getting through the eyes to the brain still had such a notable effect."

Another study of hunter/gatherers in Tanzania theorized that in earlier times, older people were often helpful in keeping watch, feeding the fire, and performing other necessary tasks at night ("sentinel" or "grandmother" behavior), while the younger hunters and gatherers were sleeping through the night.

Regardless of how we got here, the current research and understanding surrounding human sleep underscore how crucial sleep is to humans. We sleep the deepest and the least of any primate, and sleep is essential to human health; sleep is also critical for brain and heart health and general metabolism.

The hunter/gatherer report included a fascinating fact for us here at Downlite, "Past research has shown that about 40% -70% of a person's circadian rhythm, or body clock, is genetic. The rest is influenced by environment and, interestingly, age." Your sleeping environment clearly has an impact on the 30%-60% of our sleep patterns that are not genetic. To optimize your sleeping environment, reduce light, noise, and distractions and be sure to have the correct temperature for you and your partner.

The other key aspect of your environment is the bedding itself. Upgrading your bedding will undoubtedly improve your sleeping environment. We are ready to help you with everything from the mattress protector at the base to the luxurious and warming comforter topping your cozy new nest.

The mattress pad is next, which adds an additional layer of protection to your new mattress and the first layer of plush comfort. For a superior sleeping experience, try our Cloud Top Ultra Plush Pillow Top Feather Bed mattress pad - after just a night or two, you may want to spend the next three-day weekend nestled in your soft cloud of comfort!

The comforter is crucial to achieving the proper microclimate necessary for a good night's sleep. From warmer to cooler-weather sleeping, having the correct comforter makes the prospect of approaching bedtime a pleasant thought. Please look at our comforter buying guide for more information and ideas.

Having the proper pillow for the type of sleeper you are in the next consideration. Pillows come in various fills, densities, shapes, fabrics, and firmness's. Technological advances provide cooling, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic features, so there is truly a pillow available to satisfy every type of sleeper.

Downlite has buying guides for our major product lines that will provide additional information to help you with your selections:

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

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