If It's Duck Cold, Consult With Your Pillow!

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 26th Jan 2022

If It's Duck Cold, Consult With Your Pillow!

February 21 each year is International Mother Languages Day. The day reminds us that languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education, and development, are strategically important for people and the planet. The rich diversity of languages globally - over 6,000 - is threatened, and International Mother Language Day is observed every year to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Whatever the language and however you may use them, every sleeper in the world has numerous phrases, idioms, and quirky expressions to describe sleep and its associated benefits, challenges, and comforts.

The rich and varied Spanish language provides our favorite sleep idiom: "to consult with your pillow,' as in "Si no estás seguro, debes consultar con tu almohada," (If you're not sure, you should sleep on it). If you take that good advice, we at Downlite are here for you!

Pillows: from our highest-reviewed pillows to our best sellers, Downlite offers hotel-quality pillows for all types of sleepers and all budgets.

Comforters: A cold night in France might cause you to exclaim, "Il fait un froid de canard," (It's duck cold outside). We can help with that, too. Our best-selling down alternative comforter, beloved for its down-like feeling and comfort, is used in countless hotels and fine resorts.

Blankets: Many sleepers prefer a cooler environment, and studies show that the ideal sleeping microclimate temperature is below 70 degrees. Sleepers seeking a cooler sleep can select cooling pillows and sheets but may also be interested in trying a cooling blanket in place of a comforter.

Some of our other favorite sleep idioms include:

"Dormir a pierna suelta," (sleep with a loose leg, literally) or to sleep very well. We've discussed the relation of your legs to sleep in a blog - but just discovered this uncanny connection!

"Dormir à la belle étoile"/"dormir al raso" - to sleep outside or under the stars, which we also appreciate, but not this winter!

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

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Photo by Lucas Andrade from Pexels