​XS or XL body, what is your pillow?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 24th May 2022

​XS or XL body, what is your pillow?

A person's body type, size, and personal comfort dictate many of their daily choices. When upgrading your bedding, it's crucial to consider the relation of the products you chose to your size, shape, and personal style, especially when choosing your pillow.

XL body types should consider a thicker, firmer pillow.

If you are a larger person, choosing some of the products used in daily life can be complicated. It's the same for your pillow. Indeed, the choice of the pillow must always match the morphology of the sleeper. If your body is XL size, keep in mind that you need more neck and head support and that not all pillow fillings will fit your build. Wider shoulders also dictate a larger and thicker pillow - as high as 6", versus a more common 4" height.

When you have an XL or XXL build, a pillow that is too soft will not provide sufficient support. The pillow should support the head and neck firmly without neglecting comfort.

Firm and very firm pillows will be the most suitable; thanks to them, the head is well wedged in the padding for the whole night.

If you are not comfortable with firm pillows, try a medium-firm pillow for starters. They offer a flexible welcome while still providing the support necessary for a good sleep.

Feather pillows: In general, feather pillows are actually a mixture of feathers and down. The more feathers in the filling mixture, the more firm the pillow, up to even an extra firm rating. (And conversely, the higher the down content, the softer the pillow.)

Synthetic pillows: For support and comfort, turn to pillows designed with 'squishy' polyester pillow filling fibers, such as Firm MicroLoft Gel Polyester Hotel Pillow. The fibers slide on top of each other and offer constant comfort and good ventilation to enjoy a restful sleep.

Each of our pillows is rated for firmness to help with your selection process. Our customer service representatives are also available for a quick chat if you have a question.

If you are undecided about firmness or want to see what a change might be like, here's an idea. Try adding a pillow protector in a smaller size than your pillow. Add one of our reasonably priced queen-size pillow protectors if you have a king-size pillow that you would like to firm up. This simple measure will scrunch the filling together, resulting in a firmer pillow experience. This helpful trick also works for any size-filled pillow.

Also, if you are willing to treat yourself and your sleep, you can choose our hotel bedding collection and add a hotel pillow for your comfort.

The keys to choosing a pillow when you have a large build are firmness, height/thickness, and personal preference.

Smaller body types should choose softer pillows.

Smaller body types should try a softer pillow, which envelops the neck and head in a plush setting.

A softer pillow allows smaller framed people to reduce pressure points and tensions in the cervical region and the head.

Down pillows for XS body types should contain more down than feathers so that the pillow remains soft and light.

For synthetic pillows, it is preferable to choose an EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Filling Pillow, such as the Downlite Low Profile 250 TC Damask extra soft pillow, which provides good ventilation and homogeneous filling.

For all body types who prefer to sleep on their side, the pillow's height depends on the width of the shoulders: the smaller the shoulder width, the thinner the pillow must be, and vice versa.

Smaller framed side sleepers should consider pillows that are about 4 inches high. These pillows help maintain the proper head - neck - spine alignment. And logically, avoid large pillows, which lift your upper body too much.

Downlite has buying guides for our major product lines that will provide additional information to help you with your selections:

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

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