​What Did I Forget?

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 6th Jun 2022

​What Did I Forget?

Travel is picking up, and notwithstanding the increasing costs, people are flying, driving, visiting, and staying in hotels in record numbers. The Transportation Security Administration reports daily travel volumes exceeding pre-Covid 19 levels on many days.

As a supplier of hotel-quality bedding to various luxury hotels, we keep an eye on the travel industry. We're interested in all of it -- from reviews of cruise ship bedding to luxury hotel tips to helping short-term rental hosts maintain their five-star ratings -- we want to know what the industry is doing to adapt our offerings to suit their needs.

We have had some fun describing the most commonly stolen items from hotels in the past. The web-based lost and found tracker Chargerback has recently posted information about the most frequently forgotten things at hotels. The most reported items among the 46 million each year are cell phone chargers, passports, wallets, jewelry, sunglasses, and clothing. Many other things are also left behind but not reported. Here are some tips for leaving your hotel room with everything you came with:

  • Check the shower and look behind the bathroom door.
  • Check the balcony.
  • If you use the safe, put one of your shoes in there to remind you to open it.
  • Snap a photo of the minibar (you never know what charges might be added).

If you had a particularly good night's sleep on your hotel pillow, you might be a little woolly-headed in the morning. If so, in addition to giving the room a thorough last look, check out our blog on being a morning person.

If you suspect your pleasant feeling of waking well-rested has been helped by the luxury hotel bedding, you can check the bedding you have been sleeping in with our bedding finder.

One of our line's most famous hotel bedding items is the 50/50 hotel pillow because it offers optimal cervical support and unequaled comfort.

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Downlite has buying guides for our major product lines that will provide additional information to help you with your selections: