​Luxury Hotel Bedding Makes a Great Gift for Hard-to-Buy-For People

Posted by Matt Cardoni on 1st Dec 2022

​Luxury Hotel Bedding Makes a Great Gift for Hard-to-Buy-For People

According to a recent survey, gift cards rank among the three most desired holiday gifts – just behind cash and surprise gifts. We think it's important to give not just any gift cards -- that's a bit common -- but gift cards that give people luxury hotel-quality bedding will show your loved ones you care enough to give them something thoughtful and luxurious. Our gift card certificates are also electronic – so they're instant – in case you are one of those last-minute shoppers (like me!).

For those who haven't put off shopping until the last minute, here are our recommendations of gift sets for some of the most difficult-to-buy-for loved ones:


In-laws might be the most challenging and crucial people on your list. A gift of luxury 4 & 5-star hotel bedding can show people you care enough to give them something practical/usable but also gives them that exquisite luxury feeling that keeps them thinking about how much you love them. The top two items in our in-laws recommended gift set are:

You can feel good about supporting a family-owned business in the USA with this Responsible Down Standard & Oeko-Tex certified, ultra-premium 700 fill power white goose down comforter – it's hard to criticize practical year-round luxury made in the USA – even for your mother-in-law!

These popular pillows make a great item to pair with the hotel-quality down comforter to round out your thoughtful gift set. With this premium yet practical package, you'll be the favorite in-law in the family.

Family Gifts

When you have a whole family to buy for, or your recipient is expanding their family, a few thoughtfully selected bedding items may be helpful to keep those hard-to-buy-for families well-rested and with fewer tantrums from the troops.

Wedding Gifts

Occasionally it's easy to get people the perfect wedding gift – they give you their registry, you see the item that says YOU all over it, and they live happily ever after while raving about your thoughtfulness. For the rest of us, there are gift cards and these curated items:

  • The Colossal Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter (aka The Relationship Saver) is big, HUGE, in fact - it's colossal! This blanket is so large it will prevent tug of wars during the night – and you'll be the star of the show for saving their relationship. This model is lightweight, so it's great year-round. If you want a warmer, more expensive model, check out this version of the World's Biggest Comforter.
  • Down pillows are the most premium and expensive, but that's for good reason: they are the best. Highest in quality, durability, and perception, giving a gift of down pillows tells your loved ones you care enough to send them the most luxurious.
  • The classic luxury lightweight down duvet insert remains a mainstay for a nice, thoughtful gift for the newlywed couple that they'll treasure for years. It is durable and washable – and better yet: adaptable – since they can add whatever duvet cover they want – making you the brains of the operation.

People's tastes vary widely, which makes shopping challenging. Hopefully, these thoughtfully selected gift recommendations will make your life easier and your reputation even more brilliant.

Downlite provides quality pillows, comforters, blankets, and other bedding designed to improve sleep. If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice on your next bedding purchase, you may contact our customer service representatives, who will assist you in your decision-making.

Photo by Rodnae Productions