Make a Pillow Fort with Your Bedding and Bring Joy Inside

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 12th May 2020

Make a Pillow Fort with Your Bedding and Bring Joy Inside

What child has not hidden under his sheets, her duvet, or played under cushions in a game of hide and seek?

Many of us are at home right now, why not build a pillow fort with bedding?

Hiding and having little secrets, having your fort, a "home" inside the home, is really important for a child. Here are some tips:

Choose the right place

First of all, it is essential to choose the place where the fort will be built, since children may want to play there for days. Choose the children's bedroom or a corner in the living room. Vacant space under the stairs is a perfect option, or you could also use a table, a sofa, several chairs and even a bunk bed. Somewhere out of the way of traffic is ideal.

Determine the type of fort

Once you have set the location of your bedding castle, you should select the type of pillow fort you are going to build.

  • The simple tent: The simple tent is quick and easy to assemble with a standard bed sheet and a clothesline (or good string) tied between two points. You can also use a broom handle that you suspend from the ceiling or other high point. Tie the sheet to it, put the comforter or blanket on the floor, spread out the sheet, and voila!
  • Under a table: The dining room or kitchen table can quickly turn into something incredible with a few sheets and pillows. If you can use old sheets, cut a few windows and a door, and you have a nice place for the kids to go play, read, cuddle, or even rest.
  • Air tent: This is an exciting idea that will appeal to young and old! Take a duvet cover and a fan. Turn on the fan in front of the cover opening, and you have an instant inflatable cabin. It's fun and original, and the white noise and breeziness can help you sleep.
  • The bed fort: With a few sheets and some string, this cabin is easy to assemble, and you can keep it for as long as you want. A four-poster bed or one with a high headboard is easily converted; you can also fix lines over your bed from other fixed points. After the lines are in place, put a sheet over the lines creating a ceiling. There is nothing better than snuggling up in your own bed, transformed into a snug space, for a quiet moment, reading a good book, and sleeping.

Gather the necessary elements and build your palace

To build your pillow fort, you can use basic elements such as sheets for the structure and add many accessories. The easiest is to use sheets for walls, door and roof, and comforter and blankets for the floor. Indeed, your pillow fort should be functional but also cozy.

For the door, the simplest is to hang a sheet that can be raised to enter; or else, touch two sheets that you can spread to pass, like curtains. To make this bedding nest comfy, you will need a large number of soft blankets, regular pillows, or even better pillow forms and cushions and soft surfaces of all kinds.

Probably the most important aspect is the floor. You are not going to stay for hours on a hard, cold floor! For this, make a layered stack of blankets and add several floor cushions or older comforters.

For a soothing and cocooning environment, there is nothing like warm light; LED holiday lights or LED light balls can be placed inside, but a simple flashlight can also do the trick and give a sense of adventure.

Now, your cabin is ready! It’s time to enjoy it. Do not hesitate to share your little cocoons by sending us photos and tagging #downlitebedding

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