​Seasonal Affective Disorder - in the Summer!

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 12th Jul 2021

​Seasonal Affective Disorder - in the Summer!

We’ve written about REM sleep, Circadian rhythms, the effects of Daylight Savings Time, and many other sleep-related topics, but here’s something from the sleep researchers that just might be new to you.

Most people tuned in to their sleep patterns and topical news have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition arrives with the winter days of limited sunlight, especially observed in the Pacific Northwest, where the combination of short daylight in the winter and the notoriously cloudy weather combine to cause many people to develop observable symptoms mirroring stress and depression.

But, hey, it’s summertime, the days are sunny, warm, and long - why worry about SAD? In fact, beyond the 5% or more reporting symptoms of winter SAD, there are a sizable number of people who are negatively affected by the summer weather. The symptoms are quite different. Winter SAD sufferers report overeating and sleeping too much, while those suffering from summer SAD complain of reduced appetite and insomnia.

The causes of winter SAD are thought to be the shorter available sunlight and colder temperatures. The causes of summer SAD are still being researched, however, heat, humidity, and pollen are the primary suspects. Unfortunately, these three suspected causes are only expected to increase as climate change leads to higher temperatures generally and affects seasonal flora and pollination patterns.

As you know if you suffer from allergies, dust mites irritate allergies and make it difficult to breathe at night, keeping you up instead of letting you get the rest you need. Anti-allergen pillows and bedding can help protect you from dust mites - products such as allergy-friendly bedding or hypoallergenic bedding have been significantly improved in the past several years. Several Downlite bedding products are certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly, and all are easy to wash.

At Downlite we have a full line of hotel quality luxury bedding options to help those suffering from summer SAD, or simply wishing to sleep more comfortably in the warmer months. Cooling bedding is available and effective in helping everyone sleep better in the summer heat. Indeed, cooling bedding helps you sleep in warm weather, especially cooling pillows, lightweight comforters (which are available in California King, regular king, queen, and twin sizes), and cooling mattress pads and toppers, which provide a superior base for your sleeping experience.

Sleeping strategies such as keeping a foot outside the comforter, lowering the temperature in the bedroom, and keeping the room as dark as possible, can also help with summertime sleeping.

After you have a great set of warm-weather luxury bedding to welcome you in the evening, try to tune in to your particular style of sleeping and preferences as you set up your sleeping space.

Downlite is committed to helping everyone get a better night’s sleep. Contact us for personalized assistance with all your bedding needs.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels