​Get Ready For a Cold 2021-22 Winter

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 21st Oct 2021

​Get Ready For a Cold 2021-22 Winter

The Old Farmer's Almanac, the proud owner of an 80% correct record over its 230 years of winter weather forecasting, predicts an especially cold and long winter season across North America. "This coming winter could well be one of the longest and coldest that we've seen in years," says Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Preparation is the key when anticipating inclement weather, and in this case, your preparation could be a fun process that leads to a much better night's sleep. At Downlite, we believe it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, so here are some ideas to stay comfy and cozy in hotel-quality bedding, regardless of where you live.

To ensure a winter of restful sleep, take a fresh look at your bedding set up. Starting at the mattress, the first item to consider is the mattress cover, also called the mattress pad or protector. Primarily designed to protect your mattress from spills, stains, and sweat, technological advances have added fills and features to mattress covers, such as warming, stain repellant, and hypoallergenic down alternative filling materials for northern climes, and wicking and cooling features for southern living.

Next comes the mattress topper. Not everyone has one, but those that do report high satisfaction with the luxurious feel and comfort provided by these 2" -4" thick covers that go over the mattress cover and under your sheets. Downlite's unique Cloud Top Ultra Plush Feather Bed is an excellent example of this affordable and luxurious upgrade that can cool your summers and warm your winters. The item is so popular that the queen and king size temp sold out but are due back in 12/1/21 (twin xl and cal king come in stock around 2/2/22).

Next, considering that this winter is expected to be especially cold, long, and wet, assess your comforter's current condition, weight, and comfort. Top-quality down comforters can last a lifetime, but if yours is sagging, losing filling, or not keeping you warm enough at night, a replacement may be in order. 

Comforter inserts are available in thicknesses and warmth levels for every climate. While a blanket with duvet tabs might be ideal for summer or tropical living, most of us in North America will be looking for something a bit cozier this winter, such as the winter comforter or year-round comforter for all seasons.

Down and down-alternative comforters give you the option to select the level of warmth you desire based on the climate you live in and your personal preference. Light, fluffy down clusters expand and intertwine to create pockets of air, which provide insulation and warmth. EnviroLoft®, Down Alternative™ filling is great for all sleepers, with a year-round comfort level warmth.

And if you are still really too cold this winter under your all-season comforter, you may add different layers with blankets to insulate your bedding from the cold and reinforce the feeling of a cozy nest.

Downlite offers down blankets or down alternative blankets.

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

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