How to find a light weight duvet insert with tabs?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 29th Jun 2021

How to find a light weight duvet insert with tabs?

If you are trying to fill a duvet cover, you should first consider a duvet insert. Sometimes this can be confusing to purchase, so let's cover this in detail so that you have all of the information needed.

Let's first start by clarifying what a lightweight warmth level is.  A lightweight duvet insert or comforter is for warmer climates and one you plan to use with a duvet cover. The warmth of the comforter or duvet insert plus the duvet fabric must be added up for warmth comparison. Lightweight does not refer to the physical weight of the product - simply the thermal warmth characteristics.

Comforters are not the same as duvet inserts. A duvet insert has corner tabs to be used with a duvet cover. Only some of our comforters have that feature. What you might not know is that you can sometimes use a blanket as a duvet insert if that blanket has corner tabs. Most blankets do not have duvet tabs on them, so make sure they do.

Our blankets are approximately half the physical weight of comforters, so the absolute lowest warmth option is a blanket if you want to NOT be too warm.

At DOWNLITE, the lightest (warm weather friendly) down-filled duvet insert with duvet tabs is this down insert (it comes in different warmth levels so choose the lightweight from the drop down).

If you are looking for a down alternative lightweight (warm weather friendly) duvet insert option, please check out this lightweight down alternative blanket with duvet tabs.

Now, what if you want a duvet insert that is warmer for cold climates? Simply select the all-seasons or, even better, the winter weight options.

Here is our warmth scale:

  • Lightweight (for warm weather climates)
  • All Seasons (Good for most folks)
  • Winter (Best for those who are always cold)

The warmth scale applies to items within a category. So, a lightweight blanket will be lighter in thermal warmth than a lightweight comforter, and so on.

If you don't need duvet tabs, you have lots of other options. However, we still suggest a duvet insert with a duvet cover because of the duvet tabs and the ease of care and maintenance.

Don't be shy - feel free to ask us any other product-specific questions!