The More You Know – Duvet Loops

11th Sep 2017

The More You Know – Duvet Loops

Have you ever bought a  comforter and noticed it had a small strip of fabric sewn to the corner? If you have no idea what these are for, no worries! We're here to help.

These strips are duvet ‘loops’. The loops are sewn on the corners to help properly secure your comforter in its  duvet cover. If you have a comforter with loops attached, look for a duvet cover with ties. Then you can attach your comforter to the cover. This will ensure that there will be no shifting and you won't have to fuss over your covers every night.

Duvet loops aren't a necessary feature for comforters, but they do provide extra help in keeping your comforter secure. 

How do I pick the correct duvet cover?

Here's how to pick the correct cover for your comforter:

  1. Find the size of your comforter, the numerical size. A comforter can differ slightly in size depending on where you buy it. i.e. a Queen size comforter can range in size from 96"x88" – 98"x90".
  2. We recommend buying a duvet cover that is equal or 2" smaller than the comforter size. This gives a snug fit and keeps your comforter from shifting inside the cover.
  3. If you bought a comforter with duvet loops, check to see if the cover has ties inside. Remember, you don't NEED to have a cover with ties, but it is a bonus to help keep your comforter from shifting.

If your comforter doesn't have loops, just follow Steps 1 and 2. Loops or no loops, we suggest having a cover on your comforter. This protects it from dirt, pet hair, dust, and makes washing much easier. 

We've gathered a few of our favorites below: