​Slip Sliding Away / How to Master your Duvet Cover

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 21st Jan 2021

​Slip Sliding Away / How to Master your Duvet Cover

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep in crisp, clean luxury bedding, especially soft sheets, hotel pillows, comfy mattress pad and a fluffy comforter. But anyone who has laundered or adjusted a duvet cover knows that there can be pain and even peril involved in restuffing the cover with the comforter. You can have the same need on an almost daily basis when adjusting the duvet cover as the filler becomes gathered at the bottom.

Some may enlist help from a partner, some will stand on a chair and shake (not safe!), and some will resort to the old fashioned method of hand stuffing.

The easiest way to address this seemingly universal dilemma is to select a comforter with duvet loops that can be tied to the inside of the cover. Downlite offers comforters and covers both with and without tabs. If your comforter does not have tabs you can:

  • Sew duvet tabs or ribbons to each corner of the duvet and tie them to the cover.
  • Purchase duvet straps, which attach duvets to duvet inserts or comforters, or
  • Purchase inexpensive duvet clips, which attach the four corners of the comforter to the inside of the cover.

Of course, you also need to occasionally launder the cover, or will want to change it for aesthetic reasons, so here are some useful and interesting ways people have developed to easily change a duvet cover that do not require standing on chairs and beds. This is also a good opportunity to re-fluff your comforter.

Tip 1: The Corner Shake

Spread the duvet flat on the bed. Turn the duvet cover inside out and stick your hands and arms all the way inside the cover, right up to the two corners opposite the bottom opening. With your hands inside the duvet cover, take hold of the two corners of the duvet at the foot of the bed. Then shake the duvet while turning the duvet cover right side out, smoothing and stuffing as you go. A couple of final shakes, and your bed is ready for the evening.

Tip 2: The Burrito

This method is suitable for duvet covers with a wide opening at the bottom. First, spread the duvet cover full length on the bed, inside out. Then place your duvet on the cover (corners against corners), and roll it all up from bottom to top. Once the "burrito" is formed, grab the two perpendicular ends of the duvet with the outside of the duvet cover. When you unroll it while pinching the two connected ends, the duvet ends up inside the cover.

Tip 3: The Tri-Fold

This method is suitable for duvet covers with a narrower opening at the bottom. First, fold the duvet into nine squares. To do this, simply fold the top of the duvet and the bottom towards the center, then fold the sides to the center. Place the folded duvet on its side and slide it inside the cover and unfold. The unfolding works best by starting with the top and working down, giving everything a good shake at the end.

Tip 4: The Hopoli

This invention, which won the 2019 Lépine competition for new inventions, is remarkable in its simplicity. The principle: you attach the tool to a door, you pinch the duvet and even being alone, you can change your duvet cover or fold your sheets in less than a minute.

For the skeptics, nothing better than to see it to believe it!


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Photo credit: Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels