​ 5 Tips to Drive More Bookings & Better Reviews

Posted by Matt Cardoni on 8th Sep 2022

​ 5 Tips to Drive More Bookings & Better Reviews

Attracting the "right" type of guest with your marketing and selecting the amenities they genuinely value will result in more relevant guest experiences, more bookings, and better reviews. 

Data shows that Airbnb guests are most strongly attracted to Airbnb by its practical attributes of cost, location, and amenities. It can be helpful to understand the market options when choosing your primary target audience so you can better tailor your amenities to that group. This traveler study from Amadeus found that customers tend to break into six types of profiles. Here are our recommendations about what elements to select and highlight to appeal to specific audience segments:

  • Ethical Travelers prioritize ethical and environmental factors when planning travel. In addition to recycling and offering reusable shopping bags, you can appeal to this audience by highlighting the sustainable elements in your home:
  • Obligation Meeters travel to meet a bounded objective; they are usually business/executive travelers. This audience travels frequently and would typically value:
  • Reward Hunters are luxury travelers that seek indulgent 'must-have' experiences. Guests in this category value elements like:
  • Simplicity Searchers appreciate ease and transparency in their travel planning. They tend to be active seniors.
  • Family Travelers with young children have a lot to pack and think through before and during their stay. Providing thoughtful elements for youngsters will reduce parents' packing lists and luggage, and your reviews will reflect this.
    • Thin pillows are better for kids and their smaller heads and spines by providing a comfortable cushion without straining their little necks and causing sleep disturbances. You can help guests of all ages get restful nights with an extra soft flat pillow.
    • Another kid-friendly option is the outer liner of the Intelli-Pedic™ 3-in-1 pillow. Unzip and remove the thick inner cushion to use in an adult room, and leave the thin flat pillow for a child.
    • Pillow forts and pillow fights are especially appealing to children and families.

While no two guests are exactly alike, you can entice visitors that align with your target audience objectives with products and features that appeal to their values. You can even provide guests with an experience that checks boxes they weren't even considering. After all, hospitality is about anticipating and exceeding expectations.

Good luck attracting new guests and filling your schedule with some help from Downlite. If you want personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and we will assist you in your decision-making.

Photo by Nadia Vasil'eva