Choosing the Best Bedding for Seniors

13th Mar 2019

Choosing the Best Bedding for Seniors

At any age, it’s important that we all get the restful sleep we require to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For seniors, it’s especially crucial for them to have the proper bedding & equipment that will help them sleep comfortably and safely. Below are five bedding accessories recommended for seniors that will help provide a safe haven and peaceful environment.

1. Bed Rails: Having a safe bed is priority for seniors. It’s important to prevent falls getting into or out of bed, or while sleeping. To do this, consider installing a bed rail which acts as a mobility device to help seniors get in and out of bed safely, while also protecting them from falling when they are sleeping. A bed rail is easy and safe to install. In fact, some bed rails are made specifically for travel so that you can take it with you while on vacation. There are many different types of bed rails. When determining what kind of bed rail to purchase, consider the height of your bed and the weight limit needed.

2. Mattress Pad: Mattress Pads are designed to provide a layer of cushion that helps people sleep more comfortably, as well as protect the mattress in some cases. There are many different kinds of mattress pads, including moisture wicking, memory foam, water proof, egg crate, feather, and more. Seniors are more prone to chronic and frequent pain in sensitive areas of the body, like the neck, shoulders, and hips, as well as having poorer circulation. Having a comfortable mattress pad that conforms closely to the body to help alleviate pain by stimulating pressure points and producing circulation is recommended. Here are some of our favorite mattress pads.

3. Foam Bed Wedges and Specialty Pillows: To help provide increased comfort, bed wedges and specialty pillows can be used. Bed wedges are used to help people sit up in bed to read, write, or watch television. There are other bed wedge shapes that are specifically made to prop people up while they are sleeping so that they have an easier time breathing. Similar to yoga bolsters, there are also wedges designed to be used under the knees to help better align the back. Specialty pillows, like body positioners, can be used to better align someone’s body, especially for those who sleep on their side.

4. Waterproof mattress cover and sheets: Accidents can happen and they can happen at any age. That’s why there is waterproof bedding available to protect your mattress or down pillows from becoming soiled; here are some high quality pillow protectors to consider. In addition, a waterproof mattress cover protects against dust mites that can cause allergies.

5. Overbed table: This takes breakfast in bed to the next level. Having an overbed table provides a convenient surface for people to eat in bed or place their drinks, medication, or reading material for easy access.